The new twitch drops

so the new twitch drops are happening today…says from the creator program. will these be the same as before for the last twitch drops or will there be new people. if a CM can clarify so we know who to watch to get the new mount/crystals.

Twitch lets you know if a steamer has it on or not

i have seen streamers say twitch drops on there title and they don’t have it enable for them. i saw this for the last batch of stuff (wasted an hour and half on one channel).

I got mine from watching datmodz so thats one shure way of getting it atleast

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It says drop is until May 9. So there’s going to be more most likely

Yeah and some of them don’t bother to advertise but do have it on, like Saintone. Fastest way is to check yourself by looking at the chatbox and see if there’s a popup.