"The Odds" Don't Matter. No Loot Boxes

This is simply my personal feedback on how introducing loot boxes into the game will affect my choices. If loot boxes are introduced, I will not spend another penny on Lost Ark.
Up to this point, I have been Free to Play, Pay to Accessorize. I look for ways to support the game developers by buying skins, mounts, or building pieces for the stronghold, because I don’t in any way want to gain a gameplay advantage over free to play players.
I understand that to some extent, the skins I buy with royal crystals have an advantage, but those skins have a fixed price in the game store, are readily available through currency exchange/the market, and are reasonably available to any players regardless of how much money they have put into the game.
However, I will not in any way support loot box mechanics. I love this game, I have played it everyday since launch, I have thoroughly enjoyed it and wish to keep supporting it, but the unreasonable cash grab of introducing a loot box gambling system is a line for me that I will not cross.
To be clear, it isn’t about how many times you have to gamble to have a reasonable chance at getting the best item. Honing is basically that and I have zero issues with it. It’s about introducing real money gambling into a community that will suffer for that choice.
Hundreds of real life money spent, on blatant gambling, to have gear that has a very clearly defined advantage (see post script at end of post) and that will not reasonably be available through in game efforts for the free to play members of this community. Legendary skins will cost so much real life money to get from loot boxes that the gold selling price within the in game currency market system will be astronomical. This will, without question, add to the already excessive RMT. RMT is affecting the in game economy enough as it is without adding this system to exacerbate it.
The precedent set by introducing this is concerning for the general direction this game is taking, given that this game has been out for less than four months and this is already being considered.
We have asked for skins for months. Give us skins at a set price. No loot boxes.

TLDR; If loot boxes are introduced, I will not buy another thing from this game. I will likely quit this game shortly after that if loot boxes become an acceptable direction for Lost Ark’s future.

P.S. I am fully aware that the legendary skin’s advantage is minimal until late game. That being said, it is still very clearly an advantage by definition. I will not be arguing this point with anyone, because that is not even remotely the point of this feedback. The point of my feedback is that loot boxes are a concerning mechanic to introduce and that I will not continue to support Lost Ark if it chooses to do so.


Very well written and comprehensive feedback that i wholeheartedly agree with! Hopefully @Roxx and @Shadow_Fox can pass this along to the AGS/SG decisionmakers ASAP.

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Hardly ever post but this warrants everyone raising their voice. I agree. Down with loot boxes, and the current legendary skin system.


Just for you to know, there are RNG boxes in the cash shop since day 1.
Ok you seems pissed for…skins. I’m sure EVERYBODY can live without pixels.
Ok, I’m not sure, I guess at least.

“You can obtain one of the following items” (I think it’s the accurate translation)

Same for this :

Those 5 packs in fact xD

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I see the two screenshot examples of items that are available through gameplay and cannot be traded through the in game market system which affects the economy. They are also weekly capped items that are available to purchase with purple crystals at a reasonable and attainable price for free to play players. I’m down to discuss arguments that are valid and comparable to my feedback so please feel free try your argument again.


I added the 3rd screen before your comment, I guess the 2400 royal crystals pack seems valid for you, if not, I cannot help.

In my country, it’s advertised there is RNG in the cash shop :
If it’s not the case in NA or in your country, ask Steam why maybe.
You were supposed to agree to this when you launched the game for the first time.

Now there are 2 solutions :
_Try to influence people so they make MORE posts to hmm riot ?

I prefer the first one but if you think bots and RMT are less a problem than skins, go for the 2nd one, I won’t judge.

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I see your third screenshot now that it’s refreshed. Four purple crystal boxes that again are time gated/capped and attainable with purple crystals and a royal crystal skin which has a set price that allows pay to accessorize players to support the game. Key words: Set Price. No Gambling. In my original post I stated I have bought skins and have no issue with this system. I am upset about introducing a gambling system instead of set price skins.
Also, as an extended concern of mine. The gambling system being suggested uses “cloth” obtained by scrapping existing skins to gamble for a legendary skin. So not only is there not a set price for a skin, only gambling as a mechanism for gaining it… It will also incentivize RMT players who have no limit to the amount of gold they can use to buy all the skins in the market to scrap for cloth and gamble for these legendaries. This will mean there are less skins in the market house for free to play players to save up to buy with gold, which will again affect the economy.

My argument is about accessibility to free to play players to have gear that gives a clear advantage with a reasonable amount of effort, the negative affect on the economy, and the introduction of gambling with real life money which is absolutely how the cloth system will work. Please reread my post and respond to the actual concerns I listed instead of belittling my concerns for being about “pixels”.

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No no no you are wrong, it’s RNG too for the skins.

It’s the same, RNG.

It’s a F2P game, nothing is really free. Can you enjoy this game without spending a $/€ right now ? YES. If you feel I’m wrong, then you could spend some if you can afford it, don’t you think ?

You just want EVERYBODY could get those skins, it doesn’t work like this in Korea and they for sure make money using this RNG system. It’s pixels, if the guy next to you have this, what is the problem ? Jealousy ?

EDIT : You just wasn’t aware there are “loot boxes” since day 1, that’s the issue.

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That’s not RNG… You get everything in the bundle, my dude…

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It’s time to ask AGS why they fucked up the translation then. Loss for them.

The more you write, the less it seems you actually read my post. I have spent money on skins to support the game, which I clearly stated. I will NOT continue to support the game if Loot Boxes become an acceptable mechanic.
How it works in Korea is not my problem, that is Korea’s problem. It is a clearly negative system in every way, shape, or form for the player base. The only people who BENEFIT from loot box mechanics is the developer. The player base does not benefit form a gambling system for skins. It just doesn’t. It makes RMT more of a problem, while negatively affecting the economy, which makes the game less accessible to a broad player base and games like this SURVIVE off of an active player base.
Set prices are just as successful at supporting the game developers. It is better for the players, it is better for the in game economy, and it’s exactly what the player base has BEEN ASKING FOR.
Set prices for skins. No Loot boxes. And since you’re clearly not reading anything I’m writing, I’m done responding to you.

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Give it a rest.

Look, the RMT & bots will be back tomorrow, they did nerf the chaos dungeon like in Korea, they just do things almost like Korea, almost I mean : they rush things for the greedy part (Vikas hard in 4 months ?).
I’m quite sure this system will come here, I understand you don’t like it, I 100% don’t like this too, I will just not try any luck that’s it.

Now, it’s player feedbacks, the skin lottery is not even here, it will be there, they don’t deal with RMT & bots and there is a spam about those skins like everything is fine.

Again, THIS GAME is advertised with RNG in the cash shop in my country. I don’t know for you but either you accept it and don’t buy or ask people to join a revolution. I’m sure there are more important problems than skins but I guess I can’t make you realize they are just skins and the RNG is advertised since day 1.

Welcome to the feedback section of the Lost Ark forums where I have posted and I quote, “This is simply my personal feedback on how introducing loot boxes into the game will affect my choices.” This forum is for giving player feedback to the CMs to communicate to the developers. I am not calling for a revolution. I’m giving my personal feedback about how a proposed change to the game will affect my experience with their game.
Have a good day, Driltan.

Thanks. Have a good day too Aurakaze.

unless lootboxes , gambling etc won’t get banned by the law , game devs will implement this feature in their games cause it’s a rly easy money grab

AGS shouldn’t piss off fashion enjoyers with shitty lootboxes.
I’m not hardcore into fashion but i know there are ton of people do. So… good luck AGS pulling this on them.

Everything in this game is RNG,

But when it comes to Loot Boxes, that’s where he draws the line.


RNG is fine but this hellspawn lootbox offers a product that is unobtainable without real money gambling. Either i lose all my money gambling for the skin i want or i buy it off the auction house, which means someone else lost their money gambling to list it there. It is disgusting.

But you agreed to this when you first launched the game, right ?
If not, do you read anything written about softwares ?