The one thing that will fix the entire bot issue is the one thing you refuse to do AGS!

@Roxx, this is not directed at you, because I know you have no say in the manner, but there is a difference between symptom treatment, and curing the disease. Everything I’ve seen from AGS so far has been symptom treatment. You know, the Advil you take when you have a bacterial infection. That pill doesn’t do anything to cure your disease. Okay, done with the long metaphor.

The line of reasoning is so simple. Why do bot exist? To farm gold. Why do they farm gold? To sell it to RMTers. Almost everything problematic in this game comes from bots, and they exist, through basic suppy-demand, because of RMTers. I don’t know how much of this is being done but I see so many accounts that are blatant RMTs on a daily basis. The solution is incredibly simple.

Step 1: Make a public statement that all RMTs, irrelevant of whether it’s 10$ or 10000$ will be permanently banned. No exceptions.

Step 2: Actually implement the rule. Go on AH, ban every single account that received millions in gold from tier 1 gems, useless accessories, etc. Permanently remove every scum who RMTed in this game.

The rest is called passive steps, because AGS doesn’t actually have to do anything anymore, but these are consequential events that will just happen by itself.

Step 3: Bots have no one to sell their gold to, because everyone realises that they will get banned if they RMT. Slowly but surely, bots start to die down, because the money and resources they spend on botting don’t justify the money they can’t earn from RMTers anymore.

Step 4: No more queue issues, no more AH fluctiations due to botting. No more RMTers. No more intolerable interface problems in the AH.

Problem solved. Extremely simple. Incredible fair to everyone in your legitimate player base, and actually fixes the disease.

Please pass this to the devs, because it literally fixes everything and I cannot think of a simple reason to not do this, other than Lost Ark wanting to squeeze legitimate money out of RMTers once they put their gold in the negative. Because then, RMTers will now just buy royal crystals to fix their negative gold. If that is the reason, it is simply disgraceful and I have nothing else to say.


how will they get another mmo to publish without their 300k fake players tho ?


You’re delusional if you think that just going through and banning the high value buyers will shut it down. I know people who rmt’d 40-50k to catch up to groups and they’re still playing no issues to this day. There are people doing small transactions once in awhile and they have no issues at all. These people won’t just vanish because you banned joe blow that decided to make a 500$ purchase for 500k gold.

Not sayin they shouldn’t snag the low hanging fruit but its definitely not an end all be all solution. Ontop of that whos to say those accounts aren’t getting banned? Just because the sale history is there doesn’t mean they didn’t get banned.

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This is the simplest, best and fairest solution for literally 99% of the game’s problems.

Best post from anything ever suggested in these forums.

For that final 1%, simply remove EAC.

You do realize they did this then walked it back to lenient measures for a reason?

People who spend money on RMT also spend money ingame. People who spend money in RMT are obviously willing to spend money ingame if they can actually put a handle on bot situation, not creating 1:5+ ratio in value received per $.

Why do you think they reduced ban times for people who RMT’ed after couple of months? Because their revenue dropped obviously.

Not to mention the fact that everything they’ve done is not for the economy, nor the players. RMT exist in the game, where the profits goto publisher, AGS in this case, and they’re simply losing money to 3rd party. It’s not like you cannot buy gold for $ in this game, and banning bots protect AGS profit, not ours. Hence, whatever they do to control the bot situation should be a burden that solely falls on AGS, outside of players being good samaritans and reporting bots and/or bad actors such as RMTers.

As a business, it makes sense for them to actually do their job and control the bots to the degree where the risk taken to get involved in RMT outweighs the benefits. They’ve simply failed to accomplish this over and over, yet continue to impose one illogical measure after another that did nothing but burden the players.

In addition, the ban waves also left collateral damage with innocent bystanders getting caught up in scripted bans, with 3rd world outsourced untrained CS team gave automated response to those who put in inquiries. These collateral damages happen, and that’s not AGS’ fault. Not having proper support infrastructure and going through with the ban wave, however, is irresponsible and showed how much they care about the players.

This isn’t a black and white matter that smoothbrains try to make it out to be. Not to be harsh, I’m willing to bet that most people who cry out extreme measures on the community spent fraction of money, if any, ingame compared to “RMTers” that they satanize. I have no intention to create a divide between F2P vs P2W argument, but who is actually more beneficial to the business from simple revenue perspective? Are these people actually going to turn around and fill the gap in lost revenue if all of a sudden RMTers receive perma bans?

They need to do their job, and put in measures they kept avoiding to implement that addresses the issue at account creation level, and the problem will disappear. At that point, they can actually take harsher stance against RMTers because they’ve actually done their job to make the game cleaner. That’s practically what KR Lost Ark went through in the early years where RMT was also a huge problem there.

Fix the bot problem at the root level, make it expensive for those shops to continue their business. That cuts into their margins, forcing them to sell at much higher price, people with spending power will stay away from taking risk. You can take a more strict stance at that point to demotivate people who may still consider 3rd party RMT.

That’s the realistic solution.

You guys obvious have no idea how RMT works. All the suggestion above are trash and would have 0 impact.


Or they would just make a new f2pbtw account… it is free by the way… and list items for botters to buy in 20-50k increments… such a small transaction will be overlooked when actual accessories are being sold for 35-100k.

It solves nothing. Bots are here to stay until the next mmo thats over hyped with a f2pbtw tag on it comes. Looking at blade and souls.

You really want bots to go away? Put a $60 cover charge on the game and do weekly bot ban waves. Not many botters would put up $60 for 250 accounts just to potentially break even at best before that account is banned.

" but thats not fair to the players "
Bro you have 3k hours in the game. You obviously enjoy it. If paying a standard game fee meant the complete elimination of bots… thats a deal.

The only other option is to drop RC to BC conversions. 100 royals to 100 blues, a 1:1 conversion, while maintaining current pack values would nearly triple the potential gold gain. Bringing it closer to the value of bot gold… not many people would risk the ban if it was the same price. They RMT because hakslakdyhhhhh sells the gold for 150k / $25. While AGS asks $100 / 80k.

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Or just indefinitely lockdown servers > purge out active + sleeping bot accounts > rollback anti bot measures that only hurt players > develop an advance registration process that filters new players/keeps out new bot accounts and tada bot situation under control.


Exactly. This Shop is giga trash and a joke. I totally can understand why people RMT. You gain 4-6 times the amount of gold from RMT then from real spending.

Again and again and again…

Bots are in the game because the crystal exchange is too expensive too less competitive.
So, if you research in web you will find RMT forums… some offers there has more than 30k views…

I mean… wtf… :smiley:

What da fuck do you expect? You search for a car and you find two dealers. Dealer A offer the car for 20k and dealer B for 8k…

What happens if Dealer A decrese his price to at least also 8k but offers you a legal insurance at the same time and Dealer B offers you a risk to lose the car.

But dealer B has to maintain his business too… He is only able to maintain his business IF he makes profit.



11,900/238 = 50 ( royal crystal exchange )
50*1950 ( bc gold value ) = 97,500 gold. For $100.

11,900/119 = 100 ( proposed exchange rate )
100*1950 ( current bc gold ) = 195,000 for $100.

Thats pretty good, and a 100% guarantee of not receiving a ban to boot. However, then AGS will be labeled as " p2w " which is a death sentence to any game that is " f2pbtw ".

Its a damned if you do damned if you dont situation.

imo its not good
If you just play the game actively you do 150k gold a week. If not more. Oreha makes you around 40k a week. if not more. Raids are 60k. Daily drops are 35-70k. Una is 3.5k, maps are 6k etc.
100 euro for 1 week playtime. No sorry.

on RMT sides you get currently 1k for 15ct - 20ct. That means you get around 650k for 100… thats like 7 times the legal way.

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I’m sorry but nobody is RMTing 40-50k… Also wtf 500 dollars for 500k? Try 500 dollars for 2.5mil gold… Even in the Currency Exchange which is legit 500 dollars nets you 800k gold. You’re seriously off base with the numbers and getting bots out of the game is only going to increase the longevity of the game which in turn increases their revenue.

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on which server you are playing?

NA-W region

ok we get for 500 bucks around 500k gold…
which is … what ever… don’t wanna think about it…

If I would be born as a bot, I would live my life in LA.

Enough gold for class engraving ring… :sweat_smile:

this is too short-sighted and bots need to be cut off at the account creation process. Just because you caught whales doesn’t mean you’ll catch every single rmter out there. The bots will always have an appealing price that people are willing to risk. Put harsher restrictions on new accounts, lock servers, and ban bots during that period, new accounts can’t powerpass, or they can make it where trusted takes at least 2 weeks to achieve to give them time to ban the new accounts.

I also like the idea of trying to make the BC conversion price more competitive with botting prices but that may cause even more inflation if you’re trying to compete with bot prices. It really does just come down to cutting them off before they even get a chance to start.

With all the restrictions they’ve created they might as well just implement a one-time purchase for the game.

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