The only fix that is implemented: free boost to 50

proposed fix: if you have a Level 50 on server A, you are allowed to immediately boost to 50 on server b. The situation only affects owners of the founder pack, the pack will be available on the new server as well, so there should not be too many resource issues. You lose a few seeds and base building progress.

Best Amazon intentions and technical limitations aside, but Amazon nuked our guild from orbit with this move. Amazon split siblings, husbands, wives, lifelong friends, or at the very least destroyed the progress people achieved so far.

Sure, there are wordy explanations of community manager what can and cannot be done.

But here is the one thing that we all know has been implemented in the game and is a solution ready to go: boost to 50. Server transfer might not be a thing in this game, boosting to 50 is.

If guilds and communities are split right now, we can assume they are fine with leveling on their own. But I assume they are not fine with what comes after level 50, that is the long term co-op content.

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