The only issue I'm worried about going forward is translations

Dear Amazon,
I had a fantastic time in the beta, the few bugs I have encountered were fixed with haste.
The only feedback I would like to give is this: Please change the names of some of the classes/stats. Domination, Specialization, Paralysis, Hype, Scrapper…etc.
All of these translations need work as they typically are either referred to differently in modern gaming and thus are known for having different effects (Paralysis/Specialization) or they are just too cringey/angsty (hype/domination/Scrapper).
Amazon has been doing great on fixing problems the community has had with the game but please do not stop at just in-game stuff. PLEASE consider re-translating some of these skills/stats/class names.


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Warlord sounds way cooler than gunlancer…just a thought.

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