The only way to prevent bots!

U cant win. The last 20 years of onlinegaming has shown us that u can put as many effort into fighting bots as u want but they will always find a way.

Safe your ressources. Start permabann rmt.
Make IT public that u Do. Put it in game that u will. Bann them directly instead of waves so they cant wash the gold.

Do it often and be vocal about it. Thin out the rmt ‘population’ so bots wont go rampart with 100k Accounts to meet the demand.

Why Do we make the Same mistake as we did in New World?

Please… You are literally wasting time and ressources instead of just fighting the Real Problem…


You go the Risiko to hit the wrong people … And permabanning someone who did nothing wrong had a bad feeling. How would you feel getting banned cause an automatic system thinks ur rmt becausecu overpaid on some item in the ah… Or u put an item in the ah by accident u misread and sell a 5g item for 5000 and bam ur permabanned… No chance on lifting ban … U want this ?
I mean u reslise they use the ah for this right ?

Yes, you are right , they should do a server wipe . :smiley:

Why exactly Do we talk about Automated Systems? We saw how that worked in New World.

Blaue rings that go for 10-50k is not ‘missclicking’

Not a solution, bots will just come back.