The patch release cadence

800 hours in game, prolly 200 hours or so is queues and afk. I got my main 1415, 1 alt 1370 and 4 alts 1340… Not claiming f2p, but also not swiping for progress… Not lucky either, I have hit 500 fail honing achievement about a week ago… I have a lot of hours, but the content pacing seems incredibly slow. My understanding was valtan would be delayed from south vern release, but instead they took literally everything good about the release and postponed it, while giving us a barebones story patch.

Weekly guardian challenge? Bridge? Abyss trials? Field boss? Chaos Gate? All. Of. Them. Delayed. So they want more of the playerbase to hit 1415, when literally there is no point taking your character post 1400 and push alts instead, as no content requires you to go up in ilvl… If everyone just chills at 1400 maybe we will never get Valtan. All of these things would help the playerbase get more resources to catch up and get ready for Valtan


any thoughts on this?

See this thread:

That’s where most people seem to be talking it over.

Touch grass for a month. Its worth alot.

Way to miss the point, the content I Talk about is for catching up on resources and makes it easier for the playerbase, and not about the Valtan release itself

pls google , in KR and RU there SVern content wasnt coming all together aswell.

And they never ever announced that the complete SVern content comes at a bundle this month.

also you forget one thing, you only see your own Serverregion/Server… there are some regions like EUW and southAmerica which are some things behind than the highpop EUC and NA regions.

If they see that in some regions they are not ready they said from beginning , they will delay content.

You have to deal with that

in other versions Valtan came 2 weeks after South Vern, we will get it like what? 2 months after XD