The Patchnotes are Awesome!

Realy great to see the upcomming upcomming content …
so much detailes i get excited from!

So much stuff we get and im on fire again for that game!

Thats for all the informations u shared with us! u are the greatest game company in history!

I realy like to be a part of u guys! …

Nothing could be better than the acctuall news thanks for that! …


Can you link to the patch note?

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On the RU version in this case they gave more details about the update and everyone was happy

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they said they are blocked

translated into normal words:
Our frankenstein version of the game is so broken that when they were working on enabling vykas patch some major error popped up, the build is broken, rip, over.

No dates needed, just describe the update in more detail :anguished: the silence is depressing

Do not feel depressed, pretend it’s only Monday, take a deep breath and count to 10
You’ll feel better, promise :wink:

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I love pitying on my alts pushing to 1415 without sh buff

The patchnotes are

my main is 1415, pushed 2 alts to 1415 3 weeks ago( my , and they already paid back- thanks to engreiving books, jewels and mats. if you do calculations with current prices + honing buff u will need 8 weeks for return. but keep on waiting boiz honing buff will give u glory :slight_smile: unfortunatly u are late to the party

What will be the excuse now to this silence? Generally they use weekends to leave us without answer. Let’s see.

People…wait until the end of the day. Im not a blind fan of AGS but theyre still on time.

Just wait.

thats why i miss sometimes RU … there u get all infos days or weeks before. Why isnt it possible to be transparent to the community?

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:clown_face: Regarding the June Update


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The SH Honing Buff is only for players with ilvl 1460 anyway so why would it bother you :slightly_smiling_face:

im 1460+ so … yea … would be cool for my alts i have 2 with 1300 bound leapstones on 1385 …

i told u guys …

I will have a blast for sure guys. Can’t wait to login after the update.

Im pretty sure they just dont want to come out and say that we arent getting the honing buffs.