The people nerfs cater to

If you retain a player because you nerfed content. That same player would quit once they reach the next piece of difficult content.

Things like Hildebrandt Palace, Vertus, Achate, Nacrasena, Flame Fox Yoho are mechanics fights. They are not tedious. Most of the time they can be completed well within the timer by players of the recommended gear score, provided mechanics are executed.

In your stats, how many of that 90% of people who fail Yoho actually got the x2 damage buff? If you want to nerf this properly, add a flashy message telling them that they’d get a x2 damage buff instead of playing with numbers. Make the balls on Tytalos rainbow colored. Grey out the rest of Nacrasena so that people would hit his tail (and somehow educate to them what weak point is).

The only encounter on that list that might be overtuned is sea of indolence, because that 5 min berserk timer is actually incredibly challenging for a lot of fresh 960 GS players to overcome. No fight before this actually required min-maxing uptime.

People fail because they don’t learn. If they’re someone that would quit because they don’t want to learn, then they’ll quit the next time you introduce anything they need to learn.

If I may speak with hyperbole, you are allowing Smilegate’s “creative license to create challenging content” to be held at ransom by people who would rather play AFK arena than a themepark MMO.


I can agree on that if you want to nerf then numbers is not the way, rather give better visual feedback.

For example: if you fight Tytalos. Boss runs other side of area. You get cut off by sandstorms and then move to boss just to find out that he is casting and wipes you. That doesn’t mean that his hp needs to nerfed by XX% or one shot needs to removed. It rather means there should be better visual feedback (Idk, Monster nameplate showing him casting ) in case boss is out of your screen.

I would counter that with the fact this game does an absolutely horrible job at teaching. Everywhere someone can learn is with other players which inconveniences 3 other people. There needs to be a way to give players incentives to do the activities solo so they can learn on their own while getting rewarded for doing the mechanics. This would give players the tools they need to do it in a party setting.

This game, like most games, puts the burden on the other players if one player fails. It tries to force people to play together (because that is what you play online for) and does nothing to teach them how to play. You literally get punished if you play with others because there is no gain for their failure.

Everywhere someone can learn is with other players which inconveniences 3 other people.

I bet you that if there’s a player that quits because they repeatedly fail on a boss, it’s the player that doesn’t want to learn. Not the player that knows every mechanic and is just queue hopping, looking for 3 other people that knows the same.


Uhm… Videos? Going in solo? go in with OTHER people learning (Make a party finder thing if possible)? there are SEVERAL avenues to learn mechanics, but once again all we hear is excuses

I can attest to this, when I go into a group Ill offer to explain the mechanics after the first wipe, generally one person throws a fit and leaves. Ive made it a point to take a day or 3 (3 lately) out of the week to do raids with randoms (Normally making a sherpa post on party finder) but I guess it did nothing to help. guess I have an extra few of mats per week

They made a change based on metrics you are not privy to that stated the VAST majority (90% if what Roxx said was true) of players attempting the content were failing. The “nerf” was just re-setting the HP BACK to match what is currently in KR/RU. They increased it to the levels it was when it was the only endgame content available. It is not currently end-game content, and is used as a stepping stone to get to the actual end game content. Making it MORE accessible so that people can progress to the actual end game is fine. Deal with it.

Most Guardain Raids are solo easiert then with a group.
On the plus side you learn how weakpoint works^^

You’re misinformed

90% of PARTIES fail. Not 90% of PLAYERS fail.

By your logic, only 10% of people who clear Vertus can attempt Tytalos and only 10% of people who clear Tytalos can clear Achate and only 10% of people who clear Achate can clear Alberhastic. This means only 1/10000 people, or 0.01% of players would ever clear Alberhastic. Which is wrong.

10% success rate on encounters that players don’t come back to is NOT low.

And this whole “setting the HP back” is misinformation. It has been tested and proven false. Stop repeating bullshit.

Vertus is easy! EASY! It’s Hard if folks come in wanting to FACE ROLL.