The pheon system needs love

hi. the pheon requirements for auction house usage + gear sending needs some quick love. i cant believe this is a thing, honestly. i’m investing money into the game monthly because i enjoy it and want to support it, but forcing me to buy a currency so that i can spend in game currency is predatorial. i understand the “purpose” it serves but requiring us to spend pheons to mail gear to alts… really? my recommendation: either remove it (plz) or HUGELY increase pheon acquisition in game and soon. that or ill, unfortunately, prob quit. :frowning:

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Its been like this for awhile. Nobody loves the pheon system but its supposed to make it harder for people to abuse the auction house/ trading systems. Idk specifics but thats what i was told. Im still pretty solid on pheons havent had to buy any, but i do believe its tedious and aggervating.

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sure i get that but if to make AH tactics more difficult why is it extended into item exchanging between characters on the same roster?

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Yeah thats the part i hate tbh. I dont have an answer for it. Im sure theres ways to abuse the trading system but i cant think of any.

complete bs i had to top up antoher 50€ to buy a crystal pack to buy 100 pheons bc 1 set off 1370 acc for vmy twink costs 91 pheons

how does this prevent bots or RMT? why cant i just place em in my roaster storage???
OR i can wait forever to drop em on the alt char or buy em in market for thousands of gold even tho i already have a top spare set on my main???
greedy bs

My guess would be to not allow a roster of same class characters running on 1 accesory set

totally. if this isnt adjusted or removed ill def quit. i dont need to be squeezed for more and more money. im committed to buying crystalline, game pass, and royal crystals for cosmetics monthly. if thats not enough then i guess you wont need any of it :slight_smile:

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which is garbage though. we’ve spent the gold and pheons already for the gear. why spend more? it accomplishes nothing except for pulling more money from the playerbase.

I wish that mailing ability stones to our alts doesn’t cost Pheon, i still dont know why is ability stone character bound a thing

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but the game is designed this way. its frustrating. cant get gear good enough just sitting, waiting and praying. if your gear isnt good, no guild, have to pug argos etc.

what are they supposed to do? sit with subpar combat stats and engravings?

I dont see a reason there. Are you saying they have pheons so people cant gear alts unless they pay money? That is pretry ridiculous. People already dont have 3 3 3 setups on their main characters, how is this going to help them get it on alts? My main is 3 3 2 1 because i dont have 100k gold to buy support accessories and i dont want to waste pheons on non optimal ones. If other people are liek minded, that basically means that any non perfect item will never sell. That in turn actually kills the economy.


Because there are many ways to get gems. You can get them by running chaos dungeons, buying in Mari shop, or exchanging pirate coins for gems.

I also main support with 3331 engravings and you don’t need 100k to buy the accessories.


When i left for work this morning, on na east, a 3 3 combo accessory with swiftness with any combo of the main 5 engravings you use as a paladin is minimum 7k. The stones are 2 to 3.5k. 7x7 is 49 then add 2 so 51k gold.

and if the pheon system was not implemented pretty sure the total cost of these items will skyrocket

Actually they would go down because demand would be lower due to being able to use items on multiple characters or at least being able to trade the items you get to your alts without having to use pheons. I can tell you right now i have 3 or 4 items in my paladins inventoey that i would give to my alt but im not doing it for 15 pheons each…

Why would BiS items go down? The right combo for an accessory is rare. Do you think whales will pass the chance for this gold mine? Whales know how valuable these items and they know you need these items. Whales would eat up every BiS accessory in the market and relist them at a high price.

They can do it but why are they not doing it? because of Pheons.

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