The Pheons Don't Matter. It's the Management That's the Issue

Ultimately 50k → 100k gold worth of pheons is 1-2 weeks of gold generation (excluding selling mats). It’s the difference between someone 1 tapping or full pitying a weapon, or someone taking the average amount of times to hit 90+ quality or 7/7 stone vs someone who’s super lucky.

In the grand scheme of things it does almost nothing towards your char’s progression and rng in gear progression effects your gold much more.

The main issue that AGS poorly managed the solution to the pheon crisis of Nov. 14th 2022. People in MMOs expect to be treated fairly, even if the reward itself (pheons) is negligible in the long run. AGS didn’t respect their playerbase and thus the outcry is justified.


As much as I agree on how poorly they managed the issue I have to disagree on one thing : Ofc the pheons matter LOL

This absolutely!

Personally after trying New World and now Lost Ark the next time I move MMOS or games in general it 100% won’t be any game having anything to do with this publisher.

  • The communication through CMs with no direct dev or publishing team comments is just half arsed.

  • The communication on bots / server issues especially lately is practically non existent and borderline negligent towards their product.

  • Multiple mess ups in regards to content pacing/communication (noticing a theme here?)

  • Bozos Jar what happened to that? A lot of people really were excited for those skins

The list goes on of server issues and miss steps lack of communication etc. It’s very obvious that AGS as a publisher may have some decent individual employees but the over all structure is mis management galore.

What is the huge assumption you make in your post?

It utterly does not matter what they do one camp (people who did or didn’t get pheons) will feel disrespected.

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