The pitiful state of T3 Quest Rewards

I’m rather surprised that there are almost no attention with rewards to the T3 quest rewards being so pitiful?
It surely can’t possibly be “because they don’t want to flood the markets with mats” since it’s character bound (not even roster bound).


15 destruction/guardian stones per quest? Are they serious? MSQ and Side Quest are a one-time event and surely there shouldn’t be any issue giving more, right? like 50 stones per quest considering the fact that our honing chances are crap anyways. What are your thoughts on this?


koreans weren’t playing racecar with honing like you are when SV was released

the rewards are fine as is



When you finish everything, this is what you get.
Not to mention you get Random Legendary Cards x2. Legendary-Epic Cards x2.
[Screenie from a guildie, not sure if got mixed with own mats]


Thanks for your opinion.

Does it include side quest or just MSQ? Either way, 19 great honor leapstones and 1007 destruction stone can barely get in 1 honing attempt (depending on your ilvl) for a 2+hrs effort. Surely it couldn’t hurt to give more right? since msq/side quest is a one-time reward.


Do all quests. T3 and end game already, don’t skip them.

Just appreciate it, don’t be calculative, a lot of games gave nothing at all. Even giving us legendary cards, I can say that is easily weeks and months off our grind, if we’re lucky.

If you count by per hone, seems less. If you count by days and how many alts to get that much material, that’s like 6 chars worth, if people have 1 char per day, that’s 6 days of Chaos Dungeon worth.


Quests aren’t supposed to be your main source of materials, its meant to be chaos dungeons and guardian raids. It encourages you to have alts to get more of those materials from those sources.


is this supposed to be a good reasoning as to why the rewards are so pitiful?


I think the rewards are really good tbh. Especially the legendary card packs and you get a decent amount of stones.

And keep in mind that South Vern was meant to push from 1340 (the entry level) to 1370. This is the period in which you need a rather small amount of guardian stones to upgrade .

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They are the same on korea, japan and RU, why does it need to be different here, the rewards aren’t even that bad. I am seriously starting to wonder if people even want to earn anything themselves instead of just having it handed to them on a silver plate.


didn’t ask, don’t care. this isn’t KR, JP, or RU

even want to earn anything themselves

ah yes, earning things by running chaos dungeons and guardian raids; you speak as if those are difficult and somehow prevents quests from giving a one-time boon of mats.


Running around pressing G is significantly easier than actually fighting a mob with mechanics and fighting hordes of mobs in a room. Also you can’t just disregard the other regions because they aren’t our own, very little changes (if any at all) have been made to our game in terms of rewards from quests, so yes I can use them as an example.

No i don’t think we should be rewarded with thousands of materials for running around for 2 hours pressing G. That is the definition of putting in little work for too much of a reward, the things we get in the questline are already way better than any of the other zones previously played in, please.

Not to mention the abundance of rewards from the express missions and the ark pass that are already present in the game. People like you just expect them to hand you everything. Come on.

Hi All, I wish to foster a civil discussion on why can’t the quest (considering it’s a one-time reward) be more rewarding.

I understand that in KR/RU/JP, this is the norm. Please be civil and let’s have a fruitful discussion between the pros and cons of a better reward system.


South Vern was actually dope to me on my first run through. Completed Lost Wind Cliff xD

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Damn, you lucky person. For some reason Seria doesn’t drop for me and I only have 2 copies of her.

Seria is by far the easiest to get actually.

You need to camp Burt out in East Luterra. He spawns in 1 of 4 zones. The way I did it was set up an Alt with 4 bifrosts just to check at the timer. Was super quick. Timers below. Again Burt is the dude who more often than not will sell Seria.


I agree 15 stones for one side quest will not motivate me to do that quest. But overall the main story of South Vern gave better rewards than expected so I am positivly surprised.

What is a real joke though it the chaos gate. I honestly do not see the point of it. Since it is once per roster at minimum 1370 the rewards and time invested (weeks to clear the shop) are hilariously low. Like regular bound leapstones for a 1370 character.

The chaos gate should either be for 1340 to help with the deadzone or it should offer great leapstones to actually benefit a 1370 character.
To put it into perspective you need around 1.900 great leapstones to reach 1415 from 1370 and be ready for valtan release.

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I feel like the Chaos Line shouldn’t be bundled in with the quests of Vern as its kinda a weekly activity after you’ve already finished the story line, but if you were to be a 1340 and did include it the the rewards are still kind of nuts. South vern is a 1340 zone after all anyway.

Can’t believe you’re complaining about this when you’ve been showered with mats this week.

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The XP alone got me from fresh 56 to 5% away from 57. And on top of all the mats we got.

I’m not sure which part of my post screams “I am complaining”. I believe I’ve stated quite literally that I want to discuss the pros and cons of better 1-time msq/side quest reward.

I believe people without comprehension issue will take no offense at this thread.