The problem with Argos rewards and leaving the raid

So I was playing Argos this week with a Party Finder group. We were aiming for P2 rewards and successfully completed P1. After that, we wiped twice on P2, but after second wipe my game crashed (it is a recurring problem where whenever there’s a wipe/reset, chances are I’ll get some error and get kicked). As we all know the game does take several minutes to actually start, and during that timeframe my group decided to actually take the rewards for P1 and bail (apparently I was even some other guy there who also crashed). I however, did not get ANY rewards for P1, despite being alive and active all throughout that phase. I also did not get a entry restoration ticket in mail, so I was effectively screwed out of my rewards by the game. I do understand that it’s not a bug, but rather a feature, however with Argos and any future raids like him, I believe the rewards (and lack thereof) should be issued based on actual completion of a given phase and not on whether you were online at the time that your team was claiming the rewards. It seems unfair that I didn’t get rewards for P1 despite successfully completing it, simply because I wasn’t online the moment my team gave up. As a side note - this COULD be pretty much a non-issue if the game was properly optimised to load within less than a minute, OR if the errors that result in a kick were fixed.


Join the club made a post about this an contacted support, just to be given some copy paste response by CM and the support agents that they had a system in place to re-grant entry tickets. And they could put a ticket in but its been four days an still no response to the ticket and each time you contact a agent its the same answers over an over. And don’t even bother tagging a CM as they can do nothing but give the same response and forward it to the development team an say we will look into it. then you spend days waiting for the ticket to be updated to be let down but hey tomorrow is reset lets just hope the game does not crash on us again this week due to poor optimization.