The problem with Scam at buses

Unfortunately, today is one of these days that deceives you and bothers you.

I was trying to make a bus for my Vykas alter character, after weighing it for a while I decided to get one that really didn’t look bad. What a disgrace.

We entered, and I know that in vykas you always pay when you enter, unlike valtan. We make the purchase of the item by AH and immediately afterwards, ALT F4 the 4 of the bus.

Not that it’s a dilemma for me to lose 3K gold. But it bothers me that these people do it over and over again skimming hundreds of thousands of gold without punishment. Well, after informing myself in the forums, I see that really, “legally nothing can be done against them” or that leaves me wondering.

But it would be nice to at least bother them a bit, it wouldn’t even hurt if they ate a ban.

I enclose the photo of them asking for the purchase, and their names. I’m attaching them below just in case.
Be careful that they are surely spamming the scam.
They were a premade of 4 from the KADAN Eu Central server.

Rosesárerosie - Kadan
Takaoni - Kadan
Kolpalanque - Kadan
Zîgon - Kadan

I reported ingame, since it has all the earmarks of being for sale of gold later. Let’s see if one thing or another they get what they deserve, since this makes people distrust people who do them without problems. in 10-15 buses I never had a problem, they even returned the money in other cases.

This stains the community.

PS: I know that the basic problem is mine, for trying to pay a rush, that I should make an effort and do it myself and stuff. But I think this happens often and it’s unfair.
What could I do about it?

If you’re playing EUC and buying a bus, just go to the EUC bus discord and pickup from there. There are so many trusted and verified drivers who don’t scam.
More safer for you and everyone else too.

best option is seeing the stronghold lvl + name and report it in EUC Bus discord so they can flag them and get your busses from EUC Bus discord you are most likely safe + you can contact the busser if you get dced or crashed so safer on this side instead of them leaving with your gold and you getting locked and have to wait for ticket also i would recommend that you have a screen recorder running in the back ground or nvidia geforce recording incase you ever meet people like that so you can have solid proof until we get our API/inven this is the only way to deal with these people cause reporting them to amazon/support is like 10% chance they do anything to them

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