The problem with weekly entry limit for raids and dungeons and the solution to fix it

I’m sure this has been brought up by many players before me but this weekly entry limit to Abyssal dungeons and raids are a huge turn off for players.

Imagine being in a guild with over 50 members and still unable to find a group for raids because players are limited by one entry limit per week. If that is the case, then what is the point of being in a guild where you can’t even run content 90% of the time?

I understand that the devs made it this way to prevent players from selling bus runs for easy gold. But at the same time, I am also surprised on how they haven’t found or implemented a solution to prevent this.

Don’t want players to sell bus runs for gold? Here’s a simple solution. Weekly rewards remain the same, claimable only once per week per dungeon/raid. However, the first entry of any particular Abyss Raid/Legion Raid/Abyssal Dungeon for each character in that week is unscaled. This means that players will enter the raid/dungeon with their character’s current item level.

After the player has completed the particular dungeon/raid and claimed the weekly rewards, subsequent entries will apply the Scale of Harmony to all players in the party. This means that as long as one player in the party has completed and claimed the weekly rewards, everybody else in the party will be scaled down to the recommended item level for the raid/dungeon. This is the most effective way of preventing players from selling bus runs.

The Scale of Harmony can only work in downscaling. This means that if a player is at 1450 item level and doing a repeat run for Argos P3, the player will be downscaled to 1370 for P1, 1385 for P2 and 1400 for P3 respectively, which are the recommended item levels for all three phases for Argos. However, if a player is at 1385 item level doing a repeat run for Argos P3, the player will only be downscaled to 1370 for P1 and retain their item level at 1385 for P2 and P3. The player will not be upscaled to 1400 for P3.

It’s as simple as that. By removing the weekly entry limit and implementing the solution mentioned above, not only does it prevent players from selling bus runs, but also grants friends and guildmates the flexibility and the freedom to play together. This will also benefit the players who are willing to learn the mechanics of the raid/dungeon and master it by running it repeatedly.

Have you guys ever though about this?

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So TLDR: Allow multiple entries for raid but only first entry give reward (can claim reward). No need to add more complex/ complicated stuff.


Multiple runs without lockout would be great, but not if the additional runs are gimped in any way. Then I probably wouldn’t bother.

That is fair. And probably many feel like you.
But also many would use it to carry their guildmates, swap carries, or do teaching runs.
I have absolutely done abyss dungeons, argos, or guardians, at min ilvl and at higher ilvls my engravings and stats are only better tuned. Even with reduced damage output or scaled stats.
And luckily, just because the game has a feature you do not use does not mean someone else will not use it!

This wouldn’t work. People doing runs again without rewards wouldn’t use battle items and pots because of the rationale that they aren’t getting anything out of it. They would need a seperate que for people that already claimed rewards, so no one gets trolled

Allow no limit to entries for all and remove gold sending via mail

This has to be… the stupidest thing i have seen posted on the forums… all week.

First off,

Who? What players, because i have never seen anyone complain about this before you.

This sounds like you don’t know what the “find party” option is. You are in a guild, for guild shop / guild rewards from GvG content. You’re not in it because those 50 people restrict you to only playing with those 50 people…

This is the first time seeing that bussing is bad… i don’t really understand how it’s bad, that someone invested into their characters to carry others through the content, later in the game, people will go in an beat argos in a duo, with 7 afkers. I don’t see this as an issue.

No? I disagree, why would you make it more simplified than it already is… i’m so confused on this and i’m only half way down the post.

… I don’t know what you’re implying here, because it sounds like you want the 1450 player, to be downscaled, which is a no. That would be so pointless and annoying. As someone who has 4 alts to do argos on, i’m not trying to spend 3 hours on a single chara, to do argos.

(If that’s not what you’re implying, and i’m wrong with what you are saying, then ignore my comment on this one)

Because Argos ilvls requires you to have 1370 for P1, 1385/1400 is optional, because if you are lower than either of them for P2-P3 you take the same damage modifier for each, if you are lower than it. So, if you’re at 1380 and you do P2 and P3, you take the same amount of damage for both. Needless to say, this keeps it fair for everyone.

(personally if you’re a DPS and not 1400, don’t waste other peoples time, hit 1400 or don’t do P3, Supports can do P3 without needing 1400, because if they are real supports, all they have to do it provide buffs and run away. Not that hard)

I don’t agree with the scale of harmony. I don’t like the whole system in general, because you get players who join the challenge guardian raids, at 460 ilvl and 4x3 negative engravings, then complain that are doing floor pov.

I know i’m bias against this, but friends/guild members aren’t endgame. A very select few, will run together for most of the games content, most of the time you will find players in other servers, to do the content with you later on. Because its more about meeting schedules, over who you really want to run with.

The 2nd and so on is for whale to show off or for carry bus (you gain gold from the bus service)… that way we can just focus on 1 main rather than playing 2-6 mains at 1445+

If you are one of these people that are blindly going into the abyss/raid, wiping for 30 minutes while trying to figure out what’s even going on just to frustrate rest of the people, then you are literally worst type of person to have in party for so many reasons. I have no idea what is your idea of learning the mechanics and progressing content that you are doing for the first time in this game, but it seems little bit weird that you would need some kind of practice sessions, keep in mind before you are going to do that, that most of the players are not really happy when they have to burn pots because they are being put in party with someone that has alternate routes to beating the content in mind ;v

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Just make it so that a person who has already cleared said content, cannot queue for it with player(s) who havent already done it and of course no rewards for doing such.

People doing runs again without rewards wouldn’t use battle items and pots because of the rationale that they aren’t getting anything out of it.

Maybe they can get all consumables returned after the attempt?

remove gold sending via mail

lol no

So supposedly if I would be hitting 1370, I would do hard dungeons this week, then next week my friend would hit 1370, then I couln’t play with him? Yeah… isn’t it a bit weird approach?

Sometimes in nighttime I can see parties of 2 friends or people solo, just starting in game, even asking for help with certain content in party description, so I like to join them if I have nothing to do at this time, give some tips about mechanics, gearing or in game systems to help them on their way. I would be locked out of it as well, and these “poor and struggling” players in which case so many people are asking for speeding up progression, would have even slower experience and issues. (I don’t get gold for that anyway)

If you are starting as a bard or pala (especially pala), then most likely you will want to queue into velganos with someone that knows what to do as well.
If such person will do their job as support then should he be slowed by unexperienced DPS in such fight, where that DPS does 80% of damage to boss scaled into party rather than solo?

It is but its better than nothing. Busing is a plague in this game because it kills the concept of repeatability.

Busing kills repeatability? If you are going to pay for bus, you are going to get materials from certain content that you are paying for (like argos for example) which are going to help you overcome this content easier next time, and if it would be paladin that wants to get past velganos to be ready for Deska and to get bonus chest from it, then that’s something he’s going to do only one time anyway. If someone has to keep paying for bus week by week, then there is no reason for playing at all, it’s like paying to have no fun XD

(tbh it wouldn’t affect me, but on the other hand while I am not eager to get global honing buffs on our servers yet, I wouldn’t like to make prog annoying for people in such way that is presented here, I think that if people are able to overcome 1370 once, then they are going to be fine further down the line, if that would be instantly much easier, then next slowdown would make the same effect as 1370 is doing to their fragile egos)