The Prokel benefit: two guys get in

The Brelshaza G2 hard mode prokel is very difficult to pass, and teams often fail and leave. Now I’m going to show you a way, two people get in prokel.
#Based on the latest research from our team, I have changed my tutorial
**Tutorial The first person goes in, he don’t do any damage on prokel, just walk around. When the head boss is dead, first guy get out (you can tell him how much is left outside , so he can prepare to get out) .And everyone hold the dps on head boss, keep the head boss HP above x49, And then break the stagger bar fast, and then first guy or someone get in again, and you will see the second stagger bar that show up, break the stagger bar again fast, second guy goes in.

The key point is the first people dont do any damage , when you guys kill then head boss once outside , hold the dps, keep head boss above x49 , just do stagger.

Flow: Break stagger bar (first time)→ first guy get in(don’t do dps inside and don’t sidereal) → kill head boss once → first guy get out → hold dps on head boss until the second guy get in ,keep it HP above x49 → break stagger bar fast(second time), first guy or someone get in→the the third time stagger bar that show up → break stagger bar fast (third time) → second guy get in. done.

Have fun, save your time and pass it ez.


Nah, first guy can do dmg. Bug happens so often it is almost like it is intended

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It’s been out in S.korea for a long time so even if it is bug, SG hasn’t done or say anything about it. It is like a cool and fun feature/option for players.

You can push mechs and have this happen as well.

We’ve seen it most often right before the stagger check, but as late as after all mechs. The person inside can die and the next Prokel will enter followed by the boss re-gaining it’s stagger bar again for a another line.

We’ve had the inside person also leave normally and the same thing happen when they go back in.

Maybe the no damage trick is the key to guaranteeing it or something but all in all this bug can happen anytime there is the 2nd line.

This also isn’t the only bug G2 has. We’ve seen all sorts of weird stuff, the Knight’s not removing darkness and Prokel is perma invisible, the outside mechanics starting then stopping mid mechanic with no resolution required, mysterous Auto wipes (such as when all 3 prokel lines were used up) even while the inside Prokel is still perfectly alive and killing the boss.

On one clear we even had the MVP screen from G1 show up (instead of the proper MVP screen for G2)

You also can just push the boss to low bars, everyone outside can explode to a wipe mechanic and the Prokel killer (and friend) simply come out and kill the boss, works great when you just send a support in and they cheese the rest of the fight.

All in all G2 is a buggy mess.

tbqh prokel hm hits so hard that that a proper nerf for it would be just letting 2 players going in as regular basis insted of a bug pushing
inb4 prokel is ez bro just git gud. i kill in 5min with my 1590+ 5x3+2 100quality weapon

Its a Bug u cant force it. In NM it was too but for some reason in HM its more often. Just be happy. One of the things SG give use for free. :clown_face:

the majority of players aren’t even 1580 :person_facepalming:t2:

Its a bug and to get 2 People inside its a bugabuse and everyone who does it needs to get a punishment! Every group who cant kill Prokel with a solo Damage Dealer in one,two or even three entries has not deserved to Clear Brell HM!
I hope AGS/Amazon punishes all Bug Abusers with a Ban or with removing the items they get after the Bugabuse!

THis has been reported on the forums via many posts and AGS has not responded to it, so i doubt people should get banned for something that is both here and in the KR version.

if anything people can clear faster on their alts because g2 is a hell of a jail.

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A Bug that never fixed in Korea. And just copy and paste it to use should be punished. Lmao

needing a single guy to basically carry 7 other people is just bad raid design from the start but apart from that there are actually groups who restart if they cant get double prokel bug which is absolutely pathetic and they should fix this very soon so people actually learn the fight rather than relying on an unintended gimmick, people exaggerate the difficulty even on 1540, the only time its difficult is if you just dont know the patterns


Thats why most Koreans hate Brel Hard Mod! i have no problem with that to make prokel easyer but to force the bug or like you said restart the gate to get 2 people inside is absolutely for a punishment!

Yea i assume u are a outside enjoyer geting carryd by prokel player. Punish yourself.

Not impressive, bruh.
Why not run in panties and hit with your first? Ez man.

You guys are acting like you never done “load game” after losing a match in Football Manager

“exploiting” that bug, which isn’t even a bug (if it was it would have been fixed by now), to clear something is just cheesing, same cheesing like 2x Wei on Valtan g1 and using Balthorr on Valtan g2.

It’s just cheesing. It’s not a bug, it’s raid design. Bugs they fix when they’re reported. This is HM Brel design which is same across all the regions. Now you’re gonna tell me you never cheesed on Valtan or any other raids?

Gimme a break, I know better. Balthorr isn’t even considered cheesing, but the real mechanic means you pick up the blue orb and dodge the 1st part of his wipe mechanic. If you’re not doing that, it means you’re doing the same thing as people restarting to get 2x Prokel - cheesing.

Never said i havent used the Valtan Cheese but restartin because a bug didnt work its not cheesing! But ok you are a Pro Gamer and know everything. :slight_smile:

Nope i am Prokel Killer!

When it bugs out you cannot avoid the 2nd line, it’s going to attach to somebody lol.

The idea that you would consider this a punishable offence to begin with is questionable.

A bug is an UNintented mistake in programming

If it’s not fixed during all these months in Korea, and it’s not fixed now, then it must mean it’s not a bug.

Then what else can it be? A cheese technique.

Or else you could say that Balthorr saving you in Valtan g2 is also a bug :slight_smile: Why would the initial mechanic even exist if it can be done easier way? It must be a bug!

If you do this in my raid when I fight Prokel i’ll altf4. Casual shmucks.