The quest for the Golden Terpeion


Today was the lucky day!



So while most people pushed for GS, I decided my missions would be to try and get all the Ignea Tokens.


Today, I finished the very last Rapport turn in, leaving me with 1 final task.

Anyone who does cooking collectables knows what I am missing, but once I get that piece of meat, the grind is over.

For reference:
Monetization: Bronze Founder pack, Battle Pass lv 1, no bought gold RMT or otherwise.
Rapport Tricks: Used no push Rapport, every quest was completed at proper virtue, didn’t know about the 6x trick until the day they announced the hotfix.

And for bonus points:



I have 5 characters all doing the Una every day now, let’s see how long it takes


Sending you good luck meat vibes, I got so many stupid fish before seeing it too.

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Get that meat for the boys

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Getting there


Just started wandering merchant hopping this week, it’s my life now. ;u;

Yes, that’s the moake crab. Stupid thing won’t drop. >:(

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I’m sure you know about this already, but this website made this project possible. My server has a pretty dedicated group covering the wandering merchants and updating right away.

All my good luck I had with all the other rare cooking collectable drops, I’m paying for it with the meat.


Good luck, been doing that una for over 2 months every day and still have no meat :laughing:

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The meat quest is the most frustrating aspect to finishing adventure tomes, alongside drops from specific field-bosses that have a 3/week schedule. This is very bad game design as it arbitrarily determines if a player can progress or not.

I understand that honing is also RNG but adventure tomes should be a grind, not a lottery.


I hate that I have to work and sleep as every :30 on the hour I want to be chasing wandering merchants and praying for that orange color to appear.

I realize the food stuff is going to stop me from getting finished before rapport as i am buying 200k-1mil silver in rapport items every day…its catching me up very quickly.

If it makes you feel better you’re not alone my friend.

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Got the meat a few days ago GL. :no_mouth: Thought it would never appear, think around 80 fish, and 13 herbs. Only have 3 rapport left… 2-3 days. ^.^

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We got this homie, we will chase the meat to the very end.

Iam tomorrow done or latest in 2 days. That meat took a while, I also did this like 2 weeks on 5 charakters each day and then gave up for a while. Then I decided to try again and got it immediately.

This kind of RNG really sucks, should get that meat when you are done with the rep grind for that daily quest.

Yeah I agree, it’s one thing to have an annoying item to farm that takes awhile but eventually you can farm your way there vs. an RNG una task with a super low drop rate :frowning:

wtb meat pity

This is awesome and I hope you’ll post some videos of it once you do get it.

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The way I did it was with all my alts only doing the chest daily and no others so that way I’d get 2x the reward each day. Getting 14 chests a day for 2 weeks was enough for me to finally get the meat item. Hopefully you’ll get that meat quicker than me.

Managed to get my mount yesterday.

I might have to finally give in and swap to that, I was wanting to keep grinding out the other una tasks but honestly i’m down to dumb ones with little value like the last set of Shadowmoon or Foggy Ridge, etc.

I’m thinking if I can’t get it by next Thursday doing 5x runs a day we’ll ramp up production to 15 a day!

@rjml I for sure will strike a pose, I may even be encouraged to pay for the battle pass just to get the Nobles skin for the photo… lol

Does the mount have anything special?

tbh I think it’ll be worse than the Dark Soul Vanguard (because it’s jump insane for moving around a map quick).

At this point I’ve just come to far to not finish it :stuck_out_tongue: