The queues are so bad

On work days I can’t get all my dailies done anymore :frowning: Instead of having fun doing the content I’m just mad dashing to try any get it done but it is just getting stressful and tiring now.

I’ll stick with it for a little bit longer but if the queues can’t be resolved soon I’ll take a break from the game


And think about this…


Oh so sorry, you wanted to login today to get that adventure island done at that window of time you had for the day to play…

GET REKT SON!.. cause you are about to sit in que for 1.5hrs …

This game was designed around the idea that ALL OF THE GAMES CONTENT WORTH DOING, is based on time tables… Tables that you can’t manage or slide around to compensate for the fact you CAN’T login…

So in short, Bots have ruined the economy, they have ruined the general new player experience, and now they are literally destroying my interest in even playing this game anymore because when I want to play I CAN NOT.

        **---> L E T  M E  M A K E  T H I S  V E R Y  C L E A R  A G S <---**

DROP EVERYTHING you are doing in relation to content expansion, class additions, balance etc etc… DROP IT ALL, PUT IT ALL ON PAUSE… None of this stuff matters, Pause EVERYTHING… Shift 100% of all your resources to solving the bot problem enough to remove the que times.

The ONLY thing atm that is important is reducing the Bot impact on the PLAYER experience. People are going to quit your game over bots … not slow resource gains, or enhance fails… or some other trivial personal gripe with the game. You will see droves of people falling off however if they PHYSICALLY can’t even play the game anymore.

The game is on life support for a lot of people, it’s just one thing after another from poor choices to poor execution. You don’t have the luxury of falling back on your reputation to calm the player base, because even that is one of the worst in the game industry.

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