The ranking penalty should be higher for inactivity

We all know that 20 points per week are deducted from the rating if you haven’t played a ranked match for more than two weeks. In my opinion, this is too little. The penalty should start after a week of inactivity and be -50 points. That would bring more dynamic into the ranking mode. You can already see that the upper ranks hardly play any ranked games.


There actually shouldn’t be ANY penalty at all right now since tons of us can’t even play even if we wanted to


people who reach very high ranks will always play the bare minimum to stay there and play on smurfs

and that is where i see the problem. They then play with their secondary accounts and block the entire leaderboard and in the end you wonder why people are so strong on gold.

It won’t stop them from playing 1 game every 2 weeks.

Penalty start after one week is a big NO. What when you go to holiday, are you going only for 1 week?? You realise people have real life and sometimes they can’t play the game every day or every week non stop. 2 weeks is a good choice.

Well, still, the penalty should be higher. What is 20 points? nothing

In my opinion it should stay 2weeks, but it should require you to do more than 1 game for 2 weeks in order to keep your rating.

That’s a good point and I could definitely see that happening.