The real amount of real player debunked

Highest peak 1 day after update : 180k
Lowest peak 1 day after update : 104k
After that they are all bots.
Thank me later


There is zero need for another speculation topic. The game is not dead. If you don’t like it don’t play…

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Who said that? I just let people know the real amount of player nothing more nothing less, except the fact that there are still a lot of bots …


I guess all of my friends must be bots because they didn’t log in yesterday.

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All my friends are bots, too! Some of them haven’t even downloaded the update yet. LMAO

Speculation is just that. Means nothing to anyone. :slight_smile:

AGS said they banned millions of bots and player
so thats not really speculation anymore what we see in the active “players”

It’s not speculation to say there are a lot of bots. It is speculation to try to estimate how many they are, and like every other estimation people have tried your methodology is full of problems.

Concurrent players doesn’t tell us anything about how many actual players there are. Just that there is X amount logged in at the same time.