The real issue with SH demon form

Could you show me your sources for that?

Funny cuz no one plays pvp in NA compared to KR and they dont have that in KR as far as I know

Google it lol
Europe has 750m citizens US 330m. In eu you have less than 2% in USA it’s 13.6%. Roughly 46m people of color on 1.08 billion people is around 4.7%

Well, there’s 124,000,000 non-whites in the US alone. Add the 105 million or so in Europe, and you have 230,000,000 non-whites out of about 1 billion people.

So very roughly, 23% of people in US and Europe are non-white.

Except, you’re counting non whites, and not blacks. What are our SH models if not asian turned black, you can’t apply that logic. I am strictly talking about blacks

Jesus you need some serious help if you think ink blots are representative of people of African descent. This forum is full of fools that think this is “woke” or done in the name of diversity are ignorant beyond belief. No POC wants to be represented by an ink blot with smoke and caucasian features unless that’s how they designed their own SH. The abject stupidity displayed by so many here is ironically probably what led to the decision in the first place.


The ink blot is not there to represent people, its there so that some people do not get offended. Btw AGS cant even make her own action house work properly, do you rly think they would “desing” a different shadowhunter transformation just to be unique?

why do ppl keep complaining about this if you dont like the looks just play suppresion. Also the mods here explained it multiple times btw.

There are no excuses, is just pure laziness, a single model for every transformation instead of making it to have the same skin tone as the human form.

if the SH transformation was obviously black you’d have a point, but it’s not. She’s obviously a white/asian woman with a red/dark shadow effect over top of her. There’s nothing remotely African about her.

The only reason it’s an issue here is that people are trying to make it into something it’s not. Demons are by nature dark in color… red black purple it’s just how it’s always been. KR JP RU they don’t care because they are here to play the game not try to cause some race issue about a pixelated characters demonic form skin tone!

She is not even black, like black people, she is someone who jumped in pool of coal.

KR JP RU they don’t care because

they have nothing to care about, they have the original version.

→ implying devs care if people want this or not.

Demons by nature are nothing cause they don’t exist lol. In the west they are typically portrait as dark/red but in asian culture they are white/pale, that doesn’t mean we have to follow those “rules”, especially when it’s a KR game, with an Asian looking character model and features, hence why our version is an abomination that just looks terrible.

I am not saying it’s woke agenda, where tf did you read that? I am saying it’s literally what it is, change made to potentially not offend 5% of the players.

Not saying that she is african that’s idiotic, just saying change is made to not appear offensive to those players so 95% of other players have to eat up the change. That could’ve been done in a way where demon model samples skin color of the original model, but SG doesn’t even want to spend 5 minutes doing any development on our version of the game.

Forced inclusivness as per usual lately with games.

Which in my honest opinion is borderline as bad as being unproper with genders, skins, or anything else.

Too forced becomes a joke. So as far as thinking to be inclusive goes, the effect is the opposite.

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