The real reason for skyrocketing BC prices

For clarity, I created another account to post this since my main account is suspended for 8 months.

The real reason BC prices are skyrocketing is because people like me are suspended. I spent 7000 USD on Lost Ark through Steam from launch to August when I was suspended. I spent 1000 USD the week I was suspended and had over 200k gold waiting in the 3-day hold period. The link below contains all of my Steam purchases for the timeframe of Lost Ark.

When people like me are constantly buying royal crystals and interacting with the currency exchange it keeps the price of Blue Crystals lower. I used to put up 50k royal crystal walls in the currency exchange. Without people like me there is nothing to keep BC prices down. Now, lets get to the reason I am suspended for 8 months. AGS has stated that the reason I am suspended is because at some point I received gold from a “known RMT seller” I would assume it was from when I did some level 10 gem gambling. This is where you buy 3 level 9 gems and roll them into a 10 in hopes for a damage gem to have net profit. I did this 3 times in one day and hit damage then CD then damage.

I have appealed multiple times only to be hit with responses such as:

I have talked to multiple other people that have spent 5000+ USD on royal crystals through Steam and interacted heavily with the currency exchange that are suspended as well. THIS is the real reason BC prices are going to the moon, because the people that used to keep the BC price low by putting up royal crystal walls are suspended.


if you cheat you get banned.


If you think the people who cheat are getting banned then I have a bridge to sell you lmao


you ever heard the saying “it’s not cheating if you don’t get caught” ?

like everything in life there are good and bad cheaters.

The bad ones get caught and the good ones don’t.

imagine that.

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The same people complaining about crystal prices cannot make the correlation between banning heavy spenders and inflation. Even if a heavy spender RMT they are usually buying skins and interacting with the economy properly as well. Its no coincidence that the price of blue crystals went from about 400 to 1200 in the month since AGS decided to start banning RMT with or without proof. The appeals process is a joke and there is nowhere to get real help if you are innocent (which the forums seem to believe everyone is guilty). This makes people who did not cheat but spent a fortune on the game just flat out leave and yall are cheering it on. Then wanna cry about the game economy. Ploxxx I hope they fix the problem for you and that you dont decide to leave the game because they cant handle support properly.


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but he is also showing compelling arguments for not having cheated in the first place? shouldnt a community that cares about the in game economy want to keep heavy spenders around and treat them as innocent until they are actually proven guilty?


This is the only product/service in existence that someone can spend 7000 USD on and have to fight to use the product/service. Proving anyone guilty for “RMT” is impossible. The only thing that can be proven is someone received gold from a known RMT seller. Which everyone in Lost Ark is guilty of in the current state because of the amount of bots back in April and May.


he has been proven guilty he is saying that the judge is wrong

AGS can not prove me guilty of anything. They can not prove that any “Real Money Trade” took place outside of the game. They can not and will never be able to determine this. They can only say that people received gold from someone they think is a RMT seller.

What I am showing in this post is that people that were big spenders that kept the currency exchange healthy are suspended. I know its hard for some people to wrap their head around the concept of banning big spenders on royal crystals on a game that has this kind of monetization method/economy is a death sentence for the economy.


Well going from personal experience and coupled with AGS track record from new world I can tell you that you will be right far more often if you side with the person being accused. Once you request your in game data and read the log files it usually has nothing to do with why you were banned deserved or not.


they can since they are the judge

if you take gold of anybody on a significant amout you should be insta perma ban
if you did that that like runing with a knife toward a police officer of course he is going to shoot you

yeah strange it’s always the whale never free to play that talk about ban in the forum
guesse it’s because whale are the player that get the more tempted with rmt

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This is such a terrible terrible take. Comparing an in game currency to getting shot by a police officer.


nobody is getting banned , bots are making gold like crazy . That is the real reason. Just so you know atm 20k gold rmt is 4 euro … this is how low it has become because they are swimming in gold right now.


no im comparing geting ban to geting shot witch is a ban from irl

op is

No, he has not been proven guilty. In fact, almost all rmt action cannot be proven. You should stop simping AGS.


Thanks OP for sharing your POV.

I had started to think about this myself, and then im reading you. I’ll take your word and assume many of your whale friends are also banned, no matter the reason. That we want it or not, it’s a part of the explication why BC prices are soo high.

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yes he has the judge said he was guilty