The real reason for skyrocketing BC prices

He don’t need proof, AGS/SG have proof, otherwise they wouldn’t ban someone out of nowhere.

Nobody else need to give any credit to your words that you didn’t cheat, and you should discuss this in a ticket instead of trying to say that you didn’t cheat because a random person on the forum don’t have proof that you cheated.

There is NO INFLATION. All of the price hike are related to Gold-Blue Crystals (that doesn’t have a general limit) so the whales/dolphins spenders calibrate or base their purchases on them. The economy revolves around the “end-game”.

For example, 500g++ unbound GHLs are for whales that were chasing 1400+ Pre Argos.

What’s going on in NA-W honing materials generally results because a “whale” with the influx of money buying from RMT services. It can be done legitly, a whale can do this and impact the economy, it doesn’t have to be “RMT”.

The same cause and effect is why high-demand cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin went up. Even Dogecoin remember a billionaire who was hyping it up more likely investing in it. No practical use but it went “To the moon”.

What we truly have is an opportunistic market and everyone is playing the “end-game”? If you are F2P you want a chance to get lucky with +5 class engraving, good quality/stat? If you are a spender you adjust the price accordingly to the amount that can be produced and buy the +5 class engraving?

There are many reasons of BC pricing:

  • Whales moved on to a different game, waiting for new content. Most of the content we get is around 1 month 1/2 long time span. My static is actually in hiatus waiting for clown. (I’m not a whale I’m a budget bard)

  • Spenders are adjusting their target end-game stuff. If they want that 200k accessory they are not going to sell their BC for 500g/95. Everything is adjusted to real sought after end-game values.

This also explains why most except NA-W have 30g GHL pricing because most whales/spenders are already past that phase. By now they more likely hit their 1490 even the first month of Lost Ark.

Why don’t you read the ban appeal response I put in my OP where the so called “specialist” tells me to call Amazon “retail” Customer Support because they are ready to assist me with my issue. Funny thing is Amazon Retail Customer Support has nothing to do with Amazon Game Studios and can not even get AGS on the phone. So go ahead and tell me again how AGS would not ban someone out of nowhere? The whole system is automated. How can anybody stand up for AGS after looking at that response I put in my OP. Look at how many copy pastas are in the email of which all of them are irrelevant to my issue.

Typical whale wanting to talk with someone over the phone to scream at them…

My apologies, but it seems like you didn’t reach a whale level high enough to award you with individual customer support, so you received the same answers as everyone else dealing with an issue should receive.

The system can be automated, but they should still be able to check why the ban happened, and it seems like yours wasn’t a false positive, or the reason doesn’t match with the excuses that you provided :man_shrugging:

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Love how they recommended you contact them via live chat but live chat doesn’t even exist anymore :joy: also have never heard of them calling anyone before… additionally out of the hundreds of appeal replies posted on these forums since launch I have never seen one that long before… its very abnormal to see a response longer than a single paragraph.

They are also removing gold from peoples accounts without banning them - Claiming that the items they sold on the AH were purchased with RMT gold and as a result they have to remove that gold. I have never in my life seen a company take such an illogical stance that is so blatantly anti-consumer. I mean they might as well be shooting themselves in the face with this.

It’s almost like SGR implemented an automated system into the game which went completely rogue and now AGS are scrambling to try and clean up the mess but don’t have the ability to actually assist anyone. I would advise people to stop spending until this issue is addressed. Though with AGS being AGS they will probably never admit that there is a problem and odds are there will be more cases of this before they even report it as an issue to SGR. once again AGS is proving how inept they are at managing their games.


Rest assured that none of AGS’s bans are automated, and all appeals are reviewed by real breathing humans that take their job very seriously. They are always on high alert. While it may appear they are using templates, they do indeed review the account and logs very thoroughly.

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It’s a video game and is not similar in any way to the drug wars or alcohol prohibition. Literally every game enforces rules succesfully except for maybe MMOs and it’s only a technological issue not a moral one. Maybe don’t take 16 bong hits before trying to formulate an opinion and people won’t call you an idiot. Banning RMT-ers is healthy for the game and should happen more frequently and with increased punishments if anything.

Human behavior is consistent.

I mean if you were right KR should see cheating/RMT on the same scale as the western version but you can’t even compare the two their version is pretty damn clean. Why does this not happen over there then? Because their identity is tied to their account and cheating would affect them socially.

It’s like as if if the punishment was good enough it will deter 99% of the players.

Same thing with Olympics or any sports isn’t it? You get found out that you were using steroids you get disqualified and your career goes down the drain. You go to a casino they find you using counterfeit money or cheating at black jack the security will take you to the alley beat you up tell you to never come back again and leave you there.

These things work both as a deterrent and a way to maintain fair play. Your suggestion that it would not work in the western version because muh drug wars is a 10 IQ take at best

RMT is rampant in Korea. The Korean Streamers themselves have said so. The difference is the RMT in Korea is person to person since bots have a hard time passing the authentication system

Your reading comprehension is equivalent to a toddler. The appeal response shows that Amazon is telling me to call them. I am not requesting to talk to anyone on the phone. I am simply showing that Amazon Games appeal process is full of automated copy pastes of which are of no use and yet you still sit there and defend them.

Yea this response is every pre formatted copy paste available I guess. It even tells me to call them of which is not even possible. The only place to call is Amazon Retail Customer service and they tried to help more than Amazon Games ever has.

It’s not rampant but it does happen. At the end of the day it’s still trade between players and there’s a massive difference between the economic impact of wealth transfer and straight up wealth generation and mass distribution.

Another thing that in KR you get perma just for admitting to using the DPS meter on the forums. Here you are having people botting chaos dungeon on 24/7 livestreams. To say that punishment doesn’t work is just not a valid point no matter how you want to spin it.

Systems =/= behavior

TBH i can’t be bothered trying to argue about it because it’ll go nowhere.

If we had SIN# tied to our accounts, bots would barely exist. Unfortunately we don’t have that, so bots and RMT exist. :man_shrugging:

People used to get a warning or 3 day vacation and it actually had the opposite effect. Like the punishment was so minimal that it actually endorsed RMT-ing as it was cheaper and the consequences were so light nobody cared about being caught. So what you were proposing has already been tried and failed miserably.

Sure you are not going to eliminate the behavioural aspect of it but that doesn’t matter because the goal is not to change these people but to simply get rid of them lol and because Lost Ark is a game and not the entirity of human civilazation or a society it is feasible to do so to an acceptable extent

They’ve done the perma thing, it’s still an issue. It’s an unsolvable problem, without removal of the source to some way like KR has, or a change to the system that makes RMT pointless - similar to how WoW has. Neither of those exist, and banning actual players lowering the player count is not helpful in the long run.

In the end, my only point is that people will RMT, it exists in every game so its never going to be eliminated unless the ability or reason to RMT is removed.

Nobody is disputing that you can’t get rid of RMT completely but it’s not RMT that AGS / Smilegate should be trying to eliminate it’s the RMT-ers themselves. If somebody gets their gold from Chang they should get banned nobody cares that it’s lowering the player count.

It’s like saying people shouldn’t get a fine if they are parking where they are not supposed to because you can’t eliminate illegal parking completely. While it’s true that you can’t but it sure as hell will delve into complete chaos if you do nothing. That was the sentiment initially with the 3 day bans and warns and as a result the economy has become a complete mess with bot infested servers.

honestly RMT is not that much of an issue if bot are not involved (still banable)
the issue with rmt in eu na is that it finance bot

I am going to break this down for you and anybody else that seems to not understand character progression. Character progression in Lost Ark will require you to interact with the market and auction house to obtain some honing materials, accessories, ability stones, etc. You can not and will not achieve the accessories or ability stones that you need to complete builds correctly, you will have to interact with the auction house. If you perma ban everybody that has RMT’d then there is less people getting accessory and ability stone drops. It is also less people getting honing materials. So when you and other people say “NO ONE CARES ABOUT LOWERING THE PLAYER COUNT” you are demonstrating that you have no idea how to progress your character correctly. Lost Ark requires a flourishing and robust market and auction house which will only happen with a good player population. So, in conclusion when you and everybody else can’t find your correct accessory on the auction house or the ability stones are too expensive or honing mats are too expensive its because less players are getting them as drops and selling them. You will be playing a game that you are unable to progress in unless you hit the 1/10000 drop chance to get your correct accessory for your build. You also have to do this for each character in your roster.

Other MMOs realized very quickly that long term suspensions for RMT causes the player to never return to the game.

10 IQ take.

If the playerbase is decreasing the demand for said items will also be decreasing on one hand on the second hand the inflation caused by said players already drove of massive amounts of genuine players so even if we follow your flawed logic they are still causing more harm than good unless you are assuming that those who RMT are in a great majority which is definitely not the case.