The regionalization model used in Lost Ark needs to be reworked

Some of you might have heard that Amazon/Smilegate offered European players 14 days of Crystalline Aura if they migrated to EUW servers, as compensation for the server instability in the past week, but now the offer has been replaced by some useless Una’s Task completion ticket because players from other server regions were creating characters in EUW just to be able to claim the aura for themselves, even though they weren’t affected by the server issues in Europe.

This really embodies how broken the regionalization is this game is, because there’s just a single instance of the Lost Ark store handling the transactions of every single region of the game, so from now on that makes Amazon and Smilegate unwilling to offer any kind of “tailored” deals for a specific server.

This single instance of the Lost Ark store also has terrible implications to the South American server, because that means the server will never have support for regional prices (which is desperately needed) since doing so would enable players from US or EU to buy cheaper Royal Crystals there.

I honestly can’t understand why the devs chose this unified store over a decentralized one, just like it happens with so many other games, including WoW or Final Fantasy 14, which are able to offer regional deals without allowing players from other servers to have access to it.