The response from amazon after I told them I don't use a VPN - GTFO

I logged a support ticket since I do not use any VPN and my country is allowed and they told me to f off.
I should have burned those 100$ that I spent on founder pack.GG


Wait… they wreck people for VPN now? And what’s the point of getting in touch with ISP if the ban is irreversible? I mean isn’t that what is implied when they said “we have no control”?

10/10 service, getting paid to send out emails that don’t actually help people


My buddy and I started this game when it was released on Steam and he quit just under 2 weeks ago while I still sort of play. I have been keeping him up to do date with the decisions that have been made and other Lost Ark related info and told him about this new vpn thing this morning since I found out about it this morning as well. This is his exact reply:

“seems like they are actively trying to sabotage that game”

He’s probably correct.


Telling him to contact with his ISP for an in-game ban :joy: :joy:


The most common use for VPNs are security reasons but for gaming that’s not true, people use VPNs to “lie” to the servers in multiple ways and to abuse, blocking VPN access is something good, and you must contact your ISP because many put you behind VPNs wihtout you ever notice and that’s something that is not company’s fault…they are trying to screw bots, while bots are “our” problem, because players are the ones who “hire” bots and pay for their services, if you want to blame someone, blame to those people because it’s them screwing the game


If my ISP is using a VPN to funnel traffic, then they are smart. If you can’t see the advantages of a VPN you are tech illiterate. Even at work we always use VPN. I never used one to play lost ark. But if they just ban players for this then fuck this game. The bots are still there, have fun playing with them.

If it was so easy to kill the bots by blocking vpn’s then all the mmo’s will have done it already, except they did not do it, since it will not solve the problem and they will lose money by doing this. Whatever incompetent people are at smilegate since amazon says it’s not in their control(or maybe this Indian english illiterate that responded to the ticket is lying) will see it backfire upon them.


wait you got banned or whats the story?

not banned, but can’t log into the game, unless I hotspot through my phone, but this will leave me with 300ms and I can’t play like that. With my ISP I will get server 10010 error.

what country and isp if i may ask? If ISPs use things as vpns or something that amazon detects as such

rerouting i guess? and people cant play due to that cuz they “use vpn” even tho they dont then i hate this vpn ban even more

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What a shit show. How to kill a game in 10 easy steps: An AGS story.


I’m from Romania. My ISP is from our national telecommunication railway system.

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thats messed up ._.

VPNs are cancer. They’re from this ancient mindset where you just need a perimeter and everything inside of it can remain squishy, which is why companies get hacked all the time by getting some employee to click a link. They also severely degrade performance with per-packet overhead on the IPSEC-style VPNs since most pre-fiber ISPs have set your upload speed to the bare minimum needed for ACK backtraffic and IPSEC will more than double those packet sizes, and are prone to blackholing (or quality issues from probing-based countermeasures) as they’re unresponsive to MTU feedback.

The TCP-based “VPNs” are complete garbage and someone who can see your traffic can forge packets to disconnect you, those are the ones you guys use to route around bad peering that really has nothing to do with “VPN”, it’s basically just being co-opted as encapsulation for routing purposes.

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Honestly what is your sh… post about?

You opened a support ticket writing that you don’t use a VPN and your country is allowed?
The answer does imply something else and since we can’t see what you wrote initially for their answer, you are just trying to make a fuzz about bullsh…
and if you were banned, it sure wasn’t because of VPN…

Trolls like you are the reason why most if not all mmo communities nowadays are just a toxic pile of stinking sh…
and making the job of CMs and GMs the most miserable.

I work with computers on all stacks all day so don’t come here to spew bullshit.
I live in one of the countries with the best top 3 internet in the world, so a little inconvenience that the VPN(if my ISP is really using something like this) degrades traffic is peanuts to me. I downloaded this 50GB game in 3 hours and this is one of the lowest paid tiers.

Is his account actually banned or just the Ip because they think it’s part of a vpn network? I’m not clear on that part.

It seems that you can’t read properly as I’m not banned.

I have a server connection error 10010.

I never said anything about CM or GM, you white knight.

Ah good to know so you’re not banned, some people were making comments that you were which I think is causing confusion for others reading lol

Only webdevs talk about “stacks”, by the way. Can’t fool me.