The restoration ticket for clown has a different name, maybe its the problem?

While trying to figure out why so many people are reporting no restoration ticket in the mail for clown after being kicked for maintenance, I had a theory. I went to and searched for the restoration ticket. If you didn’t know, codex datamines all the items in the game, and if you search “Restoration Ticket”, you can see all of them, including unreleased raids like Brelshaza, or removed raids like Mystic and Kaishuter.

However, there’s one very obvious omission: there is no restoration ticket for Legion Raid Midnight Circus (the name of Kakul-Saydon’s raid).

Upon further searching, I found it by the name “Recovery Ticket”, and its the only one with that name.

I suspect this is may be related to why nobody is receiving a restoration ticket for being disconnected due to the emergency maintenance on Wednesday.

@Roxx If this is new information, please forward it to the people investigating.


Thank you for this information! I will forward this along to the Dev team. :slight_smile: