The rich get richer this game

Many t3 late game items are being sold extremely cheap to whales, especially in the early weeks. Honor shards are being sold for pennies when compared to t2-t3. Whales that have invested into the game are the only ones able to use them because of their high income and because they actually need the bags. When the whole player base catches up, the bags will skyrocket, but the whales will have amassed and saved a ton of gold. Whales are also printing out gold because they have access to top tier dungeons. I fear this will snowball into other parts of the game. The economy is ruined for f2p because of the bots and whales pumping out the top tier accessories/books. We have no one to sell to by the time we catch up. I fear the pay to play aspect will only get worst at this point,

I am seriously considering quitting after 500+ hours 1355 item lvl and 5 alts to feiton/ 2 1310. I’ve done my best and still can’t get to argos as a new player with a founders pack investment. I was recommended by friends from Korea to play this, but even they are seeing we are getting milked. Please fix this, this game has so much potential, don’t ruin this game for short term profits/thinking.

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THIS. told ya

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If you have a 1340+ char 5 alts and 500+ hours in the game and you are not a whale you are doing something seriusly wrong. I myself am sitting on 350 hours with 20k+ gold 10k+ crystals with 5 mounts and 5 omen sets put aside. I have never played this game before the launch and didnt drop a single penny on it except for the gold founder pack.

You can easily make 5-10k gold with a T3 char daily but T2 is more profitable if you can do chaos gates. I have even lost some gold because of the price drops becaue of the event.

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are you 1370? the prices have decreased since argos release, but before it was literally 168/80 for the red blue tier 3 stones per … even if you liquidated everything you wouldn’t make it.

What do you expect from an ultra P2W game?

These aren’t issues, they are merely decisions that you happen to disagree with.

This an MMO you will always have content ahead of you so you have something to aim for. Sure the whales will get there first but that doesn’t mean much since you will get there too it just takes time. Honestly gold making is far too easy since the Whales overpay for everything with 2 hours casual work you can pull in easily 10-15k. which has been enough for me to get the top Omen pack in a day which money wise is a bargain. You will get to Argos but if you want to rush it then it will cost basicly all MMOs are like this. I still remember delaying the raids my guild did for Wow a week or two since it was much more profitable for us to sell stuff to the whales who overpay to rush the content. Then we would casually do it and still do it but also make a ton of gold for essentially being lazy.

You have to realise there is no reason to reach 1370 currently. Argos rewards have been nerfed to the ground, it gives less gold than the Abyss dungeons and the gear is not tradable. You are better of getting multiple chars to 1340+ and waiting for some real content to release to gap the deadzone, but that is only my opinion.


Argos gear is still time gated, will be weeks before you get the full set. people saying to take your time and enjoy the game don’t realize the economy is ruined. We live in a shared ecosystem and one person’s actions affect the market, especially if they have deep pockets. I don’t think this has been well thought out, and I think we will lose a ton of players because now the ultra p2w aspects have been put out in the open.

The Gear is Time Gated like every MMO. That is a normal system and from what I’ve heard its Bound so maybe the Whales could pay to be carried through the raids. But even so that is very slow progression and most likely expensive. The Economy is Evolving it isn’t ruined. As the amount of gold increases things change but as people progress more and more gold is being deleted. To make the T3 stones for Honing its 200g per craft which will eat into the gold around as more hit T3. The Price of Crystal even seems to be reducing as it normalises with more people reaching the current “Endgame”. Farmable items will continue to fall in price as people farm them and the true Rarity will be revealed. But time is needed for the Economy to settle. You can see it easilly with Tool kits I use to sell Purples for 2.5k each but now they are down to like 15 gold since people can farm them. The Epic kits are dropping currently to a stable price along with all other items. This game is far from Ultra P2W it has minor P2W aspects. Tho Skill is 90% of the game

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I’m looking at the steam charts, you can disagree with me all you want about this game being perfect, but the game is dying. Nobody wants to go escavating or pick flowers for 10 hours to make some gold. We want to raid and play with our friends and have (decent) gear that we can overcome the raid with some skill and practice.

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Honing materials I sell the Unbound and keep bound. While it did slow my progression a little I am at 1325 currently. However I’ve earned enough gold to buy 12 month crystal aura serveral mounts skins and most recently the top Omen pack.
Also Excavation has proven to be very profitable since people buy those materials for the maps since they give good rewards. Then I’ve also been finding doing the Rift piece events you buy the T1 maps since T1 honing is the most profitable but doing T3 events and I have pulled 2 legendary books from Blue maps so far about 30k together.

you do realize some accessories were selling for 200k+ and rocks 30k+ at 1370? for the hours you spend on the game, some whale is making what u make in 1 hour raid. And don’t forget the legendary books!

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And you do realise you don’t need to buy those just wait till the prices drop as more players reach the higher levels and competition enters the market. For 1325 stones I pay 50 gold at most they use to be 1-2k

Yes, we don’t need to buy those, but those transactions ARE being made and people ARE flipping items with that excess gold and making it harder for f2p. The rich get richer bud. and these dynamics will only get worst for the next patch

And to reach those levels they are spending huge amounts of gold. But that has zero affect of F2P players. The people who know how to make Gold get richer which doesn’t matter if you are a whale or a F2P player. All it takes is learning the market. F2P friends are already closing in on 1370 and they are so much richer than me because they are learning the markets focusing on the best ways to make gold as the economy evolves. Sure I’ve taken advice from them but it is late so I don’t get anywhere near what you can make if you bother to learn the market. That is why all games with an AH lead to complex spreadsheets to get rich. You can easily earn enough gold to get into the Market and start you journey to riches as a F2P player if you put the effort in. Paying $15 bucks for 2k gold isn’t a good way to compete when you can earn more from just playing the game.

please help me makin gold at t3 just a hint , dont keep ur secrets wise wizzard

Excavation is good along with unbound honing materials. However the big money maker we are about to have is unbound Green and Blue potions so Gathering is going to make bank soon and once you get great successes popping you will be pulling in alot of cash. Another Steady investment is limited time tradables like the Omen set is meant to be going away after its deal so I plan to get 4 more spare sets to store along with other mounts from early on which people will want. You also have other investments if you want them like Farming out a cloud and selling it for 500k or more to Whales.

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Welcome to the real world.

Sarcasm aside, the market’s fluid. The whales will generate more money by selling accessories, but they’ll also spend more money on the T3 mats that you can list just so they get to a higher gear level. It’ll all come back somehow. It’s literally the cycle of every MMO with a free/open market. Someone will find a way to exploit and they’ll make loads, and the average player will probably be exploited by those who know the market.

Also Argos is such a small part of the content we’re missing from KR’s version. Argos is just an intro to Abyss Raids - something you’ll be doing every week until the end of time. It’s like doing Gate of Paradise abyssal dungeon (feiton 960). It looks really cool when your friends do it and you want to do it too. But you need to progress your gear to that 960 to attempt it. First couple runs are always so cool, but then when you have to do it every week, it’ll just become another weekly task to do.

Argos is new and shiny, but it’ll become dull pretty quickly. Don’t stress over it or feel pressured to swipe for it. Argos ain’t going anywhere.

In terms of Argos launch, AGS/Smilegate definitely overestimated our gear progression. I’m personally willing to cut them some slack. After all no other region has had accelerated T1 and T2 content straight on launch, it’s pretty natural for them to fk up the timing on content releases. Roxx has already replied saying that they’re reworking the roadmap based on our responses to Argos. Just chill, do what you gotta do to have some fun on Lost Ark. Take a break if you have to. We’ll all be back for Valtan, where the real content starts.

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