The rigging skins for all classes is just......not a good excuse

I’ll keep saying this there are skins available that are available to all currently released classes. They can easily release those skins while they are working on the skins that are not rigged for every class? Why aren’t they doing that? I have a hard time believing they haven’t thought of this.
And even if it was the case that there are literally no skinlines that are available for all the currently released classes… They can’t rig for one or two extra classes for more then one skin in two months? When they’re releasing so many skins in the other regions?


My theory is that they planned/are planning on either censoring most of the skins before releasing them or simply not releasing any sexy skins. Making new skins and altering skins take time. Also the reason they don’t talk about this is that they have said several times that they aren’t censoring anything (see post by @Roxx about starting outfits) and there’s even multiple articles online with interviews where they said they aren’t censoring skins but adding new ones. I’ll stop believing this when they release any of the multitude of sexy skins.


I really don’t think they would censor skins outright given that they have stated multiple times that they won’t be censoring skins. They’d be shooting themselves in the foot. So the options you can choose from are -

  • They just aren’t going to release any of the skins, which still wouldn’t explain the situation as there are myriads of non sexy skins available aswell.
  • Theyre making censored versions of the skins to release alongside the standard ones. This is the explanation that makes the most sense to me. As it explains why it’s taking so long while not having them essentially just lie about the censorship.

Oh well, they arent only here for you.

What does this mean? And what does it have to do with what I said?

Yea, they said censoring is part of the marketing but won’t change it ingame when the outburst for the platinum skins happened :joy: I also do agree, fitting an existing outfit onto a new rig is easy unless loa is using one of those japanese game engine but they aren’t so that’s more likely like an excuse.

I have experience in modeling/modding etc from Gamebryo, Creation, Unreal Engine 2, 3 and 4.

There is something truly baffling going on here. If you have preexisting skins and class skeletons, rigging a skin to fit a new body/subclass should take less than 15 minutes. Getting 1 to 2 skins per month is fine, however nearly all the skins should be “ready” by now, we should have something more than the Omen skin and our fursuits.


Probably the dev didnt had motivation to work on the censored skin. :rofl:

And do it at a slow pace while working on the main menu for Korean server.

Anyway, what you said is true and fact they already have existant skeleton so rigging shouldnt take years and months.

Yeah, I really don’t understand that logic. Why is it necessary? It’s not like buying the alar set unlocks the skin on all of my characters - I still have to chose who gets it.

So… Why not just ensure that everyone gets a few more skins to chose from?

They are too afriad to release skins since they have this idea they should be for all classes.
So they just don’t release them.
End result is that no classes get skins.

They are too afraid to release classes for the idea that skins should work on all classes.
So they just don’t release them.
End result is that we miss out on classes.

AGS needs to learn that they are limiting them selves with artificiel roadblocks.

I’m challenging the notion that there are literally no skinlines that are available for all of the currently released classes.

Infact why can’t they just release whatever skin the other regions are releasing while working on the old ones?

Well, it’s an okay excuse. Issue is that it doesn’t take that long.

This took me 1 week including weapon:

3 Days: 5Days, 3 Days:

3 Days:

Either way holding up classes due to skins is silly. Add the skins when they’re ready.

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They would have made so much more money releasing these skins back when the game had 1.3m concurrent players. Someone dropped the ball pretty badly by approving this long drawn out drip feed of skins :joy: I mean in most cases the skins are already finished for the other regions. There is no valid excuse for it taking this long unless they are legitimately redesigning every single skin from the ground up.

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Man, dont worry, it takes time because they are GaThErInG FeEdBaCk…


Also evidence that alot of the unreleased skins already exist in our version and are just not available in the store yet. Viewable by anyone if you do a little bit of research.

Why the fuck you lying vine - YouTube lol

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