The road to faceting

i cant finish this quest because i faceted all stones before i accepted the quest not seeing it now i dont have any stones to facet and am unable to progress further

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i wonder if theres any gm or admins in server? if there is they might be able to roll back the quest or the stones

it would be nice if they did, i think there are some, im on Neveria at least same name as here capital J for the record if one shows up

would suck if i needed to reroll my entire character which is around 15ish hours of playthrough just because of this and i want to play the same class so its kind of a game breaker

So if you got another gem it wont trigger the quest? Not sure if the exact same gem is on market or not.
Another character could complete it later I think (roster quest for the whole roster).
But is it preventing you from doing anything even?
Isn’t it only the quest reward you would miss out on for now?

no i have no gems nor do i know how to aquire one, am not yet lvl 30 (got around 90% till 30) to use the marketplace. its not preventing me to do anything but im missing out on +777 + 45 vitality that kind of changes the game if i understand it correctly i would probably be too weak to do anything

Did the gems you faceted not give this?
It is not the quest given the vitality. it is the gem you facet when equipped.

but it needs to be polished in order to equip it, in order to polish it im assuming i need to progress further into the tutorial quest

now i tried dismantling the stones thinking i could purchase one thinking its only tradeable after lvl 250 but appearantly i cant even buy it :man_facepalming:

I would just try to continue with the story if it lets you, stones start dropping from mobs

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that is a decent idea will try to do so.

I hope this works for me. I have the exact same problem as @jamstam

i did the same thing, you get tons of stones later and faceting one finishes the quest.

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yeah you get tons of endurance stones (from dungeons specifically) but you are in handicap till ilvl 250 and can expect to die a lot or whatever your stone does when you hit 250 you can buy another one, not exactly gamebreaking but uncomfortable. 777 vitality aint no joke.
i contacted support about it as soon as it happened, they told me to verify integrity of game files (lol) after which i saw i am talking to someone who has no idea what i was talking about, as i said in another post ags cs sucks for games they publish but is okay for services they provide (prime gaming, video, amazon itself etc.)
after realising the before mentioned i told them to tell the developers to make the quest work retroactively, which they (hopefully) did so this kind of thing can be avoided for future newbies or people that make the same mistake as we did.

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so basically just rush to 250 which can be done in one day rushed or day and a half. regarding the earlier post i made i doubt thing i said to one cs agent will change the game but they certanly need to improve their customer support for games they publish (and improve their servers, if thats even possible for the numbers this game is facing). basically good luck and dont worry its not gamebreaking wont affect your endgame but your midgame will be jeopardized and it aint exactly comfortable.

What worked for me: No admin. No rollback. I simply continued the main quest. In Blackrose Chapel several “Stone of Endurance” dropped. I was able to Facet one and the quest continued. Thankfully! So. I am Combat Level 35 for quick reference. However, I have done all side quests so perhaps am a bit over-levelled. Regardless, it worked! Dropped stones successfully were used to Facet and complete the quest. All good.

yeah, that completes the quest but what im telling you the downside of that is you miss out on +777+ vitality if you dismantled the stones out of despair like i did :smiley: if not you’re all good

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Ah. Yes. I kept all of my faceted stones fortunately. Regardless, you are correct. Sadly those appear unique to the quest ones only at tier 1 (or whatever lowest tier this is) and quest only.