The Roadmap is good!

Thanks AGS/SG !

I really like the Roadmap and how things will be handled.

I just want to thank you and spread some positivity in this flaming hell of saltness.

Things getting better, I see your work and appreciate it! :heart:


I agree, roadmap is great. To lower the rage posts you need to give special roadmap for all classes and their release time, that’s all. And please look about gold problem post 1370. There is no enough gold sources and market is not viable right now.

Good job and keep working :slight_smile:

The roadmap was pretty awful, mainly because of the decisions made.


Roadmap is perfect, lot’s of content monthly… thats more anyone could ask for.
also 1 class a month is faster than i expected.

i am pleasently surprised, and very happy.


Was okay ig but inadequate. They took 3 weeks for this? A lot of stuff was already known like Destroyer, Valtan.

I wanna know the new events and skins please.


Learn to read dude. The new events and skins will be announced before the update.

Not mentioned when the update is nor mentioned the skins in the roadmap… So basically no new info my dude


The update is 99% on 4/14, to follow up on the ending MotoGP event and login event with new ones.

And quoting the roadmap:

South Vern and the Glaivier Advanced Class are not the only things that will arrive in April. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more release specifics, such as new log-in rewards, in-game events, skins & store updates

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I think the roadmap is good too, I would have preferred the Reaper, but you can’t have everything :slight_smile: if AGS now gets the cruve in terms of skins, I’ll be satisfied


So much about the skins given here… took like 3 weeks to say that we gonna have skins next update… thanks no one knew that lmao

Except the lack of classes release the roadmap is exactly in my opinion what the game needs.

More time to get skill potions giants hearts, masterpieces (judgement rune).

Time for hardcore players to get 1 or 2 alts to argos and play with their slower guildmembers.

Good job except for the classes.

We need 2nd anniversary skins ASAP

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First roadmap was better, they just had to throw in all classes+skins and the korean catch up mechanics, they took 2 months to release this excuse of a roadmap and in the end we still getting 1 class and 1 skin per month, this is awful mostly because people who were hoping for a decent roadmap will quit en masse.


This is a ROADMAP, give us just the main stuff! Don’t mess it up with a specific update notes! It also doesn’t mean everything will come into a single update, they can split it into 1-2-3-4 weeks of the specific month. Stop whining and start thinking!

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I’ll give u the next road map, June Kokusatan and Reaper, July brelshaza + arcana and we will have new events skins every update

Atleast show us the skins we are getting next week not a day before update… and here i get Amazon fanbois

The roadmap is great! New content every month to look forward to.

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Gold generation after 1370 is fine.

Your not only supposed to have alts in t3 to help get more but we are also not supposed to “only hone”. Meaning u are supposed to have down time where u build up gold, silver and mats (which is done faster with alts) then big honing sessions and you repeat.

Alts and legion raids will give enough gold too cause crazy inflation. We dont need more lol

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Yeah i liked it overall. I was just a bit depressed seeing one class at a time and realizing its going to be quite the wait for Reaper.

My personal feelings aside everything on the roadmap seems solid and great

thank you for that comment. now if there only were more like you on that forum…

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While i appreciate you saying that, some people would disagree with you cus im usually combative and have a lot to say, especially when its the people ragging on the devs and the game. (Namely the honing rates, in game economy or peons)

Toxic positivity i suppose depending on who you ask but im generally just a moderate.

We need more people like you on the forums tho :+1: