The Roadmap is good!

Everything about the roadmap is good…except adding 2 melee classes when there are only 2 support and 1 caster total currently.

That decision will continue to boggle my mind so long as I’m playing.

I had over 20K gold, now at 1380 i left with 4K. Except the good rapport rewards in Punika and the weekly content from Argos and both Abyssal from where you get gold? Because for Argos you need gold to lvl your alts as well.

There is no third support created as Paladin and Bard. From where it will come? Why you all think Artist is support. She is like the range wardancer in terms of supports skills and have one small heal. She has many cc and disables and do a lot more damage than the supports we have. Nothing in common with Paladin and Bard. here one review from master support: Master Support reviews Artist | Class overview and gameplay | LOST ARK - YouTube

Argos, Abyssal, UNA’s. Repeat on 6 chars.

Argos P1 Gives 800g, P2 Gives 900g and P3 Gives 1000g. A full clear gives 2700g
Best way to earn money is to get 3 or 4 chars to Argos P2 level which should be easier after hitting 1385 on main and researching honing upgrade for your alts. This will give you approximately 5.1K a week from 3 chars and 6.8K a week from 4.

UNA’s is giving 1K basic + Chance of additional.
Abyss is giving 600g per char (run it 6 times)

In total you should be able to amass about 10K gold a week passively doing the content.

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No, Road map isnt good, there is so many different gear set and each class need different set. And each gear set need different number of Valtan gear item and Vykass gear item. If they only release Valtan it will destroy class balance. So, This roadmap is not good at all.

Well, the roadmap isn’t bad, but ‘perfect’ and ‘great’ are very strong words here.

Let’s be honest, they worked like 2-3 weeks on this. I can’t see what took that amount of time.

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Maybe indecisiveness on the part of SGR? Combine that with a lack of communication and it explains AGS’s missteps up to now. We just don’t know how AGS and SGR communicate or the outcomes of those meetings. I just know there’s been a lot of PR speak between beta and now.

So all the KR players that said this version is lacking SEVERELY in honing sources, activities and gold are all wrong and YOU of all people are right…

Can you even breath with your head so far up…


  1. You haven’t played paladin or bard if you think having one heal isn’t enough to make a character a support.
  2. Nothing in common? Your hyperbole has made your entire post useless.
  3. The video you linked is from a PvP perspective.

It’s clear you’re speaking from ignorance while trying to sound knowledgeable.

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Loving the roadmap has everything i could have wished for, very happy about lance master and south vern, the bridge will be so good gor my alts… time table seems perfect to as im taking it a bit slower as of late and running some of my alts rested… feels perfect with a couple of chill months to get the alts to 1370 before the real grind begins :slight_smile:

Haha First my main is exactly Paladin on 1380. I have 2 heals and several other buffs to the party. You can compare the artist heal with the paladin holy protection heal. If this make you supp ok than. About the video, it is from PvP perspective yes, but PAla and Bard are exactly supports even in PvP. If you have ever played LoL Artist is like Pyke. Different then the standart supports.

Anyone knows if South Vern contains an Abyss dungeon? Or is it a continent without one?

It has the bridge and some other dungeon atleast dont know about abyss tho

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I’m happy with the roadmap. I am not 1370 yet on any of my characters as I have been taking my time to enjoy everything the game has to offer. I love the collectibles!

You can’t please everyone. People are going to complain no matter what. The delays are giving me more time to gear and hone my bard.

I like that it’s a free game with regular updates as well. I spent 30$ on a skin so far and can’t wait to see what new ones are coming.

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I would also like to say, my main is a sorc but both my alts are Bard and Paladin. Pally is T3 Bard is T2.

Basically, she’s a support in my book regardless of the reasons some would say she isn’t. Different than pally/bard? Sure, but that’s part of what makes me wanna play them so much.

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I am 60% happy with the roadmap…
The rest 40% is uncertain due to 2 reasons Valran released date still unconfirmed and more importantly when is scouter release?

yes because you honed.

you build up resources then you spend them, then you repeat that process.

if you need gold more then mats you can sell mats to build up more, or if you need both you build up mats and save gold weekly until feel safe to tap.

you cant have both, you have to choose which one you do. you can either save alot of gold or you can spend the gold and hone. you cant have both

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considering i only watch kr streamers, i can say your not only wrong but your delusional.

were missing sources for mats thats never been debated but not sources for gold. we have cheaper honing but we generate less gold, meaning its proportionally the same. we arnt missing gold sources for argos tier, we get more of those when more legion raids open up.

this has been spoken on several times, some random guy on youtube says people have less gold and people believe him over all of the korean players that have said almost verbatum:

“na/eu progression is very similar too how it was when argos was new in kr”

not even in KR do you hone 24/7, you build up resources and tap.

the biggest resource we are missing are more t3 alts, because thats where alot of our gold (and mats) comes from.

theres no need for hostility, especially when you dont know anything of what your speaking on.


I like the roadmap too. That Destroyer (hopefully my main) comes now one month later is a little bit hard, but fine. What can make the roadmap better is, to ad more classes and many many many skins!

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If only AGS announced Scouter release month it will be 9/10 roadmap for me but unfortunately it is what it is… They are carefully judging the players progression for Valran and haven’t officially tell when it will release so… i give them extra points for that