The Roadmap sort of goes against the Letter

Edit / TL:DR:

The point of this thread is about how the Letter and the Roadmap doesn’t really align, not that Slayer is coming out first. They are hard pushing vertical content (against what the letter said) while continuing to slow release classes (against what the letter said). The release of raid cadence is fine as well so long as the events are also designed to make up for the speed of the releases to help players stay current.

Quote from Community Letter:

Therefore, we promise that new classes (at least) will be updated as soon as possible

  • Roadmap maintains the same class release cadence (2 months) that has existed since launch
  • Rain Girl got booted for Big Booba continuing a long tradition of players waiting even longer for a class that exists already but unavailable here.
  • The roadmap is literally telling players Aeromancer (A Class) is going to be postponed until the end of summer, how is that ASAP?
  • Slayer coming out early is a great thing overall. It’s just that Aero shouldn’t be shoved out so far if you are keeping to the spirit of the community letter

Quote from Community Letter:

two problems with speeding up the process; localization timelines and player burnout. If content is localized too quickly, the overall quality may be compromised. Regardless of localization timelines, there’s still the problem of having to digest too much content at the same time, or constantly feel pressured to hit the next required Item Level, related to the previously mentioned exhaustion and issues with new player catch up mechanics.

  • Brel HM Kayangel Akkan all content that requires players to digest and learn these new gates are all going to be stuffed out the door within 3-4 months of each other

April - Brel HM
May - Take a break and have a kit kat.
June - Kayangel
July - Hell mode Clown
August - Akkan

  • You don’t think the average player is not going to feel a little burnt out after Brel NM, months of Brel HM, and then a very quick release of Kayangel and Akkan all within such a short window? That’s a lot to “digest” in a very short period of time raid content wise.

  • It is disgustingly expensive with materials and gold to push 1550-1580/90. There would need to be some major events and material injection to make this possible to even consider for many of us. If we are condensing content release, the gains need to be condensed to match, right? We don’t have years between content to build up our account.

It just seems like the Roadmap is doing the opposite of what the Letter suggested.

Not that I mind, more content is never a bad thing, players don’t need to FOMO to get into Kayangel & Akkan on release and I can’t afford to make another new class after Artist released so recently and drained all my stockpiles, but yeah… it just seems hella rushed for Legion Raids and not for Classes like the letter suggested would be the case.

Sup Modz.


Thank you for taking all the rage on the forums and putting it into mature words.
(Yes, I too have failed. But anger is anger, and anger has been stored up for many months.)


It’s AGS/SG game to do what they feel is best, it’s the players who get to decide if that’s good enough to stay around for. No need to get super angry about the decisions i suppose.

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A very logical summary of many people’s issues. Yes, some people are happy with the roadmap. But the release schedule for classes (Aeromancer in August?! A class that has been in the game longer than Slayer!) and Akkan being August as well (!!) has alot of people confused because of the community letter they literally released a week or so ago.


Where are the plans?

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its faster because if they stuck to the schedule before, after Artist in March, we’d get a class in June and then the next class in September. It’s even faster than the original schedule, where Artist was supposed to be released in April. They said they were going to slow down releases this year, so technically it is faster than their original plans. The class release is fine.

I agree with your other points.

Exactly. It seems the letter was just damage control, as the roadmap seems completely unrelated to it.


Well, I am heavy invested into the game.
Waited 4 years to be able to play the game in the first place. Then I get AGS as publisher just ignoring the majority of game breaking issues (many of which are still not taken serious, prime example EAC). Content has been rushed since the beginning. They have been making a lot of empty promises and haven’t actually acted on any of them so far (artist coming earlier was not a promise, but a riot control reaction.)
Ever since Aeromancer was announced in 2020, I have been wanting to play her. Like every Slayer person. Difference being, it’s been 15 months since Aeromancer release, yet only 3 months since Slayer release.
I have been actively saving up for Aeromancer for 3 months now. And even before that I put small stuff aside for her. Because I have known since 2020, that Aeromancer has a very high chance to be my main, based on her playstyle fitting mine.

That is why I am upset and am getting angry over this very bad decision AGS has once again made.
And that is not even all. Aeromancer in August together with Akkan is just AGS repeating their old mistakes, which they claimed to have learned from.
Aeromancer players will have so much FOMO to deal with in August. 2 months to be Akkan ready, unless we go an buy a bus or have ourselves get carried on item level with full relic set.
Those 2 months will have us inevitably fall behind.

AGS messed up very big this time. Not the usual mess they were making. This is peak performance on the toilet :poop:


Of course it is, they’re on damage control to retain players without fixing the game


Aero came out in not even a full year ago, calm down

We were intended on waiting 4+ months for artist class in roadmap, just for one class. Now we are getting two classes one of them being brand new and we are the FIRST REGION outside of Kr to get slayer. Ru the oldest region outside of KR is getting slayer in June.

Hopefully players just do as you say

The only thing I would change would be to put Aero in July, but overall good roadmap


And slayer a few months ago. I’m not saying it’s bad that Slayer is releasing early at all as well, those who wanted to play Aero for almost a year now, they might not be super happy about it is all.

Agreed I am happy about the roadmap, i’m simply comparing the roadmap to the letter here. There’s already lots of theads popping up arguing all the other stuff around it

I see this echoed a lot around the forums right now, it’s a heavy blow to the Rain Girl mains out there no question.


If you push to 1600 you’re the fool. Most people here will do 1580 normal first and gear transfer after. Sounds like you’re pushing akkan ready as a negative to help your argument. Proof that it’s inneficient and whale bait to push to 1600 is here, now if people actually did some research instead of complaining maybe it would calm your nerves a little.


The good thing is, my decision to quit western Lost Ark is made easy now.
Just sad, since there is no game to keep me busy until Diablo 4.


not problem for me , gona play others game while stacking rest on my main :rofl:

Pushing 1580 is expensive AF just as much. So yeah I suppose i should have said 1550-1580 to avoid this exact thing, but there is nothing pleasant about the 1550-1580 push either and now there is a more set timeline to get there.

This roadmap for sure changes my plans around taking any support up to 1580 along with my main, so pretty much starting now a “main” is an actual thing lol

Start paying for your diablo 4 key through lost ark in the meantime

this is a joke

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well maybe we will get at least a 1490 express event in may? May 1460 char would be happy to move on :slight_smile:

I went from 1550-1560 with 30k pittied once and had some 50-30% artisans it’s not as bad as you think and most people will get to 1580 by August.

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A long-time friend gifted me D4, because he hasn’t had the time to play games with me in so long and Lost Ark couldn’t keep him.

But let’s not go any deeper on this. It’s off-topic and the Slayer fraction is out to get everything flagged.

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Thinking the majority of people who play lost ark are going to pay for Diablo 4 is pretty funny though.