The sad truth and how a 2600 hour player is giving up an quiting

Hello everyone,
This is going to be a long an heartfelt post regarding the game lost ark.
And to anyone reading this, I hope this never happens to you and hope you can continue to enjoy the game. that being said, This story dates back to 8/7/2022 when i was disconnected and informed i had been permanently banned. The reply i got when i appealed this was this.

Well obviously i contested this as 5.6m is quite a lot of gold.
I submitted a GDPR data request to find out how this could happen, i had a feeling it was due to me having large transactions on 8/1/2022-8/7/2022, this is because i was gambling level 10 gems. as seen in evidence here.

This caused an automated flag on my account an amazon wrote off my transactions as recieving this gold from RMT sellers.
Well i got unbanned and logged in. as seen here.

But you can see i have mail pending in my mail box.
Well when i claimed the login track reward on day 20 which was 8/8/2022, i had 3 level 10 gems pending from sales that happened while i was banned, this total a grand amount of 690k gold which was 2 level 10 damage and 1 level 10 cdr. with the -5% tax this is 655.4k gold and i couldnt remember at the time but i think one was listed for 270k bid meaning they took a bit more off the total sell.

well I appealed and again an this time i got.

Kind of odd how these numbers all match up.
Over the past week since the false ban ive been putting in appeals.

I made a 18 minute video on youtube showcasing everything it was all legit, nothing edited. I supplied tons of evidence, i tried everything i could to get moderation to see my case, but all i was met with was Trust me bro we have the data to support our claims. Well i submitted a GDPR data request to find out this evidence they have, if you dont know they are legally obligated to provide me with any data collected about me that is used to terminate my account. Well guess what was contained in my mail history and account transactions.

Literally nothing, not even my market dealings. all it contained was few mail i sent out to players who i had to refund for bad bus experience.
Yet in seen in the banned screenshots, I have mail pending. I check moderation penalties and all i see is

Date im banned doesnt match what they sent in the emails.
No mention of the 2nd ban either.
Typical replys when putting in appeals.

Somehow my banned account reported this player.

They disclosed nothing in this reply.

Latest reply, again random date, sometimes its 2/9 sometimes its 2/8.

In conculsion,
Since amazon refuses to provide me with the evidence they claim to have and say they have reviewed the case an judged it to be a merited ban, despite me submitting every possible bit of evidence that I can, As this is completely an utterly disgusting, unacceptable and very bad practices. For a player with 2600 hours on steam, enjoyed the game everyday, played every event, collected everything the game had to offer and then get mixed up in this nonsensical war with bots an rmt sellers were amazon decided to push the burden on the players by issuing knee-jerk response automated banning systems that flagged high gold amount transactions. only to be met with a giant wall of out-sourced customer support, who dont get me wrong do an amazing job and then to i guess get a view point from a moderator who prob thinks withdrawing money from your bank is stealing it. I will no longer bother with this case and just going to move on and anyone left playing I wish you the best of luck when dealing with a game studio that not only ruined a game they made but ruined a very successful project made by a very talented team. and honestly if goldriver could see what you was doing, he would prob remove the license from your publisher.


bruh you still whining about this. good riddance


didn’t ask

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Chargeback large and often when dealing with these companies and products. It’s the only avenue the consumer has, other than staying away from these titles completely.

You’ll get your money back, I’ve done it too. And yes, you lose your account. Both of which should be viewed as positive in my opinion.


Be mindful on charge backs they can ask Valve to completely take your account for doing that lol

Good. And i hope you find a better game to enjoy. Godspeed to you :grin:

My steam account has very little on it. Lost ark was only title i actually spent lots of money on.

Oh alright lol that’s fine then

No sir. It might be something they can ask, but it won’t happen.

You have far more rights as a consumer of this type of product than anyone will explain to you from the other side.

While they are quick to call a player out when he/she breaks the TOS, they are not so vigilent to imprison themselves when they step over a line. It’s up to the consumer to know their rights.


As far as I am concerned, their account review system is trash and I hope I never get caught up in it.

Good luck to you and everyone else AGS/SG has raked over the coals.


The biggest problem is legit players being punished because someone who RMTed happened to buy their item, AGS doesn’t care and wont differentiate between right or wrong and will ban both parties if they think RMT was involved in any way.


i remember you talking to stoopz about this right? i assume he couldn’t do much since AGS showed us how they care in New World

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I know this sucks for you now man, but honestly, try to look on the bright side. You now have your freedom again! You’re no longer bound to this cursed game.

I generally still like the game overall, but I’m also definitely addicted to it and only have about 500hrs played. I think it would be a blessing in disguise if I were to get permabanned. Not sure I have the willpower to do it on my own!


This is my approach if I ever get banned, I haven’t put a lot of $ in, just enough to buy 2 skins and the ark pass. Given amazon’s approach to dealing with issues, if I ever get banned due to tainted gold, I’m just gonna pack up and leave, not even gonna contest it. I spend way too much time playing this game, its a good game, its just too bad the people at the helm don’t care. Maybe I’ll pick up Rimworld or Stellaris again if i get banned, who knows.


So sorry to hear that dude. I hope you can bounce back and get something better in the future.
It’s saddening that a big company like ags is treating their loyal customer like this.

Wish u good luck and godspeed in your fiture endeavour

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If anything dude think of it as a blessing you get your 2 grand back and freedom lol

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They removed the ability to talk to CS completely.


Can I have your stuff before you go!


From a banned account? Sure. Let him sign and and send that over to y… Oh. NVM

Maybe read the message if you wanna ask for the man’s stuff, eh?