The shop is empty, add lot of skin please, why you don't want we use our cristal?

I play since the launch (founding plat here), and i have buy only one skin (sorceress) and one skin of ship (baxtrum) and that is all, i check everyday if something change, and still nothing.

When the shop will change ? I don’t care about potion or upgrade, i won’t buy these thing, but a skin ? I will for sure.

First time in a mmorpg i can’t see anything “cool” in a shop.

Game has been out a week, people in EU cant even log in because of high queues and other major issues that need to be fixed prior to adding more. They will add more, just be patient.

It’s not like there is an issue with adding already existing skins to the game. If you look at the korean version and their skin shop, it’s full of beautiful skins. Just taking those assets and adding them to our version is basically no effort, except they want to censor some of them.

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They want to put them in slowly, so you will see something you like, buy it, then they drop something new and you buy that one, if they put all of the skins in now you will just choose one or two you like and not buy as much.


Yepp! Putting items on rotation makes them more desirable and special.
So when they do come ingame, players tend to buy them without thinking.

Yes but the skin on the shop doesn’t seem to change, i check everyday.

You get a salary every month not every day, think about it from their point of view, if they show it to you a week before, you might get hooked on it, wait a week, get some money, think better of it and wont spend, if they align it with most people salary date, they will impulse buy it.