The showcase doesn't show the models

The new trailer really doesn’t show the models and outfits at all, we are spending £100 and the only way to see the models are using 3rd party tools. I am really not impressed and it’s making me worry about AGS and their handling of LostArks launch.

For those not sure/aware of the 3rd party tools how are they meant to know what class to pick? Or what class is what? How am I meant to know from that trailer that Bard and Sorc and included in the video?!?


You’re making an elephant out of a fly. You’ve seen official pictures of the sets. You have a semi-official 3d model-viewer. You’ve seen some of them in a little action trailer.

That’s really more than enough to decide whether you want to support the launch of the game with a founders pack or not. Some of you are really searching way too hard for things to hate.


A video of this quality shouldn’t have taken a month to make. People were expecting a showcase of the skins not 3 classes for 2 seconds total.

We also still have unanswered questions about them like if they are tradable or not.

If this video were out Jan 1st maybe that’d be a different story but people have been asking for a showcase all month and we get this, it’s honestly pretty sad.


You are giving a 3rd party tool that AGS had no part in as an excuse to defend a multi-million dollar company… (remember the skins are ripped from the RU version of the game not given by AGS)

If we do not give feedback now before release it just excuses them to keep on doing a half-baked job for years to come instead of supporting the game and community properly.

and £100 to most people isnt a ‘fly’ its One Hundred Pounds its alot of money.

The game is also releasing in 5 days!

Why are they holding back so much information from the playerbase in regards to the sets, We are on the official forum so ofc we know about 3rd party tools however we are in the minority of the playerbase. It has been 6 months since they released the founders pack and waiting this long is not OK.

I want to love this game with a passion but I worry about the longevity of the game because of actions AGS have taken (Or havent because 1/2baked).

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