The situation Artillerist is in is unacceptable

Artillerists still don’t know when the changes come. They still have to run around with scuffed builds, outdated builds or invest double to triple the gold cost anyone else has to. Those changes are already long past overdue, and an answer to when we will get them is even longer overdue. The lack of professionalism that SG displays is really disheartening, scary and frankly speaking just an insult to the Lost Ark player base.

all that matters. it will come.

Tripod is coming in October (same as Russia and Japan), expect balance patch there aswell. Throw a guardian and one event, and you got your October patch.

nah they’ll do the balance maybe with Brelshaza. They already nerfing Brelshaza for us. Brelshaza can probably be bussed by 1 dude with a huge kok but the time it reaches NA/EU.

How about you just be patient and when it comes is when it comes.

It’s not their fault you went all FOMO and made a half build.

Artillerist damage as it is now is fine to complete content and there was no need to FOMO

Kinda annoyed by this, yeah.

My 5x3 is stored on my character storage for a few months now, and will stay there for god knows how long.

Look, its already a big deal by itself changing the core meta of a build, where you need to drop one engraving entirely cause its effectively useless using both together , cause this means thousands of gold wasted in books for your average player, let alone the accessories that need to change. KR players already got shafted by this, and we also will.

But then not only that, but we also are in this awkward position where investing in the current meta is a waste (cause it will change) but also building for the KR patch doesn’t work right now. What do you do?

The only saving grace is that its not very hard to massively overgear the current content (1475), so its still easily doable even if you are holding back with a scuffed 4x3 or 4x3+1 like me.

Not an arti player whatsoever but it’s not FOMO. It’s that right now you have to invest into a build that you know will become obsolete relatively soon. It’s not a “class MIGHT get nerfed/changed” coinflip build, it’s a given that it will change. Would you spend 200k on accessories for one month to then spend another 200k?

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