The skill explanations don't seem to make sense

This can be me and my sleep deprived brains, but am I the only one who thinks that there must be wrong translations on my skill explanations, talents or both.

For example there is this

Skill → Judgment: "Lets you leap into the air and strike down, inflicting 404 Damage. Foes on the ground take 82 additional Damage and are knocked down. "

LvL 2 Talent → Immidiate Destruction: Slam down on foes even if they are not airborne Damage +20.0%. Cancels additional damage on tripped foes.

So imo this is strongly implying that the orginal untalented Judgment skill should say that foes that are airborne take 82 additional damage and are knocked down.

There is many other explanations on skills and talents that don’t explain things or don’t make sense. or am I just stupid? For example some skills give % dmg buff on downwards attacks, even if none of the skills specify which are downwards attacks. So am I just supposed to closely measure angles on my punching attacks and decide which ones are getting buffed?

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I noticed that with a lot of skills on different characters. If you are unaware of what they do and new to the game 50% of them just don’t make sense and are really badly written.