The so called BALANCED PVP

Come on, seriously. Who did say pvp in this game is balanced again?!

  1. You can be 100% CC’d. From 100-0 HP without being able to do a thing, if you’re caught with your pants down.

  2. There is no ‘purge’ to cancel those OP CC’s

  3. Casters area dmg skills shouldn’t be shown in the floor like a warning on where they are going to strike, specially when the ability takes 3-5 secs to cast.

  4. Too much CC for a duels/small men pvp in a tiny room.

  5. Wont even mention certain pvp-god classes around…

The only balance i can see in this game’s PvP is the 5 seconds that precedes the opening of the gates. All the rest is a joke fest for whoever CC’s first.


Watch the PvP tournaments and matches that take place in KR / RU - they may not translate 100% to the NA version (although they probably will).

PvP in this game can be brutal at high levels; because it’s equalized, people often unlock the Arena and just grind away.

Def search around - there’s lots of good videos for counters to whatever the prevailing meta happens to be.



You’re bad at PvP.


Gonna be honest here, sorc feels BAD in pvp. Absolutely awful. Every other melee class just dashes over and chain attacks you until you’re dead. Zero mobility, zero defense. It feels terrible. Am I missing something here?


Practice with friends, grind matches, and - again - watch the tournaments in the other regions.

Some classes are not going to do well in PvP; for example, my main is a Gunlancer / Warlord, and he is “ok” at PvP, but the moment I go against a skillful player it’s a disaster (for me).

Granted, I’m not a huge PvP person, but as I mentioned above, PvP is highly competitive in Lost Ark.

Also, bear in mind that a lot of the really skillful players probably have been playing LA for years in other regions, so they are going to have timings and tricks that you can’t find on Google.


How many deathblade players actually think they are good at the game lmao


sorcs actually are quite good at 1v1, just need to learn to predict movement, it all comes with experience, the more you play the better you will get


To me it feels amazing. Always top damage, always top kills, almost got the 25 match winstreak too.

Sorc sucks 1v1 against mobile melee assassins. What you do in a 3v3 situation, is set up kills for yourself and your team. Attack from max range, peel with your CC. If a class you can’t deal with (martial artists/assassins) goes for you, do NOT blink back away from your team. Instead, kite around your team so they have a chance to notice and help. If they are completely oblivious, double blink through your own team so the enemy has to literally walk through them, or take a long detour.


Sucks to suck lmao.

  1. Not really, unless you use your get up cooldown and lose another engage again right after. You prevent this by playing better and not losing twice in a row, or by retreating to your team.
  2. That’s your team’s job. Position better so your team can peel for you and prevent someone from unloading their best combo.
  3. Set up the big cast with the “OP CC” you mentioned earlier lmao. Many ranged skills have very low cast times, no warning, and catch the target in a stagger, from there you can follow up with a hard cc or knockup, into the big cast.
  4. Sounds like someone’s stacking with their team and getting nuked to oblivion. Positioning is very important in 3v3. Having played WoW arena at top 1% level for 10 years translates to this game surprisingly well in terms of positioning gamesense.
  5. Perfect balance is impossible unless you restrict choice. However lost ark has one of the most balanced PvP experiences I have had. League of Legends, Dota, WoW. None of them have ever had as balanced of a state as LA is at. The “god classes” in EU/NA right now, the ones that consistently dominate and seem op though. They are just classes with really low skill floor and ceiling. Blade comes to mind.

And before you assume that I just play an op class… I have so far played gunslinger, shadowhunter, sorceress, berserker and sharpshooter in PvP. I can consistently top the damage and kills on any of those classes. I have beaten players of every other class, on all of those characters. I have also been stomped by better players regardless of their class. Even in situations where I know my class should beat theirs, some people clearly have practiced on RU/KR servers and proceed to outplay me anyway. To me that feels incredibly balanced. Better player wins.
So suck those salty tears right back into your eyes, get back into the arena, and git gud.


This is an issue of skill, not of balancing.
I know that systems like this feel hard when someone has not much experience, because it feels like “I get staggered and insta killed all the time”. Yet, systems with stagger and such provide an incredible skill ceiling and are a lot more fun, once you trained enough to get used to it.

This was exactly the reason why New World destroyed their own (Pretty good back then) combat system. Because people weren’t used to it and cried about it being unfair.

Watch some guides on YT, train for a bit, you’ll get the hang of it and then it will be a lot of fun.


a WAAAAYYYYY Shorter dodge couldown could balance a bit, i mean the dodge mechanic should be more like a energy thing to manage than a couldown spell cuz for real there is too many CC out here for this dodge

dodge is designed to have a long cooldown to be punishing if misused and rewarding if being the punisher, similar to get up mechanic. If you dont have a dodge or get up available, chances are any decent player will be able to combo you with their class, similar to a fighter game. If not everyone would just be spamming dodge, very low skill.


I mean there are such things as good and bad deathblade players, lel?

These posts are just “Change the game to suit my trash playstyle and low reaction times!!!”

Meanwhile it’s safe to say 99% of the NA playerbase has no clue what other classes abilities do besides their own and how to properly counter them, which is ok because the game is new. However these posts are cringe AF.

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Stunbot I have no issue with a lot of your opinions. I am enjoying lost ark pvp, I just think deathblade, sorc, and dead eye all have insane 1v1 advantage to the point where a player with no skill could hop on and and win because of the training wheels baked into the class abilities.

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I disagree. I’ve been playing blade since day one and have been thoroughly learning my class (im lvl 29 still) and I seem to roll people who have no clue how to play against it. I’ve won many 1v3’s against noobs but whenever I go up against an experienced player I get steamrolled if I misplay because they know how to bait out my openers which leaves me exposed. Yeah superarmor is really good but only when you’ve CC’d your target first which is not easy to do against a good player. Blade is obviously a strong class but it’s still about knowing when to engage the millisecond immunities fall otherwise you can get outplayed so hard. It’s a very telegraphed class.

No shot, there are tons of clueless blades in arena. I’ve seen good players weave their skills / movement perfectly and others straddling around wasting random skills cluelessly. I can roll a bad deathblade and be rolled by a way better one. Deathblade has an easy learning curve but to fully utilize the kit in a skilled way takes time.

I’ve seen good scrappers and strikers destroy 1v3, good sorcs destroy 1v3, gunslingers 1v3, etc. It’s just about knowing your class and others.

The very first thing I did when I became interested in PvP in this game was look up the top players in the other regions.

The statistics alone lead me to believe it’s all about skill. I’ve seen classes that people constantly say are bad completely dominate in high tier play. I think a lot of the “it’s bad” posts come from people who just spam click the opponent and smash all their skill buttons.


If anyone is interested in pro Lost ark scene.

The korean league started today, the only twitch watch party is done by dda

its live now

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Makes me want to be a striker, combos look so cool.

The idea is not to be able to dodge everything. Basic positioning as a team is required. Zoning with your own abilities is also key. You get absolutely wrecked in this game if you have no zone control and just try to dodge everything.

As a good example, when I started PvPing with my shadowhunter day 1 of founders week, I got ran down by good players because I was trying to use all of my mobility to just get away when threatened. After playing like 5 classes for weeks now and actually getting better, I applied those skills to the shadowhunter, using my blade throwing skills and stun beam to zone and catch enemies trying to push me. As well as trading with demonic clone. Although I could improve at that, since some classes (at least deathblade and berserker) have abilities that can out-trade it and combo me through it. I’m not sure which abilities they are since I don’t play all classes yet, so I still sometimes get wrecked for not knowing what ability can beat mine.

I heard that reading tooltips of your spells (super armor) and of your two spacebar abilites can help with 90% of your problems.

But of course it’s a lot easier to post total nonsense in a forum and come out as an ignorant, embarrassing newbie the same time.