The so called BALANCED PVP!

Come on, seriously. Who did say pvp in this game is balanced again?!

  1. You can be 100% CC’d. From 100-0 HP without being able to do a thing, if you’re caught with your pants down.
  2. There is no ‘purge’ to cancel those OP CC’s
  3. Casters area dmg skills shouldn’t be shown in the floor like a warning on where they are going to strike, specially when the ability takes 3-5 secs to cast.
  4. Too much CC for a duels/small men pvp in a tiny room.
  5. Wont even mention certain pvp-god classes around…

The only balance i can see in this game’s PvP is the 5 seconds that precedes the opening of the gates. All the rest is a joke fest for whoever CC’s first.

You’re obviously terrible at PvP.

It plays similarly to a fighter like tekken with the CC’s. Learn to bait your enemy and learn what skills give you super armour and push resist and use them on engaging.


You have no clue about the different CCs and immunities, but that’s okay.

Easier to cry than to learn the game :slight_smile:


Explain the cc and immunity then, is paralysis immune mean stun immune? Why is it not just called stun immune if so? What is a push? A stagger? I have not a clue and the game does not tell me, what about counter? in pvp and pve how does it work… are there i frames on the dashes? idk

lol’d at caster abilities taking 5 seconds to cast, meanwhile they’re mostly instant except for a few

Yea, sorc’s chain CC, Artillerists and Gunslingers never ending flinch is ridiculous. Calling PvP balanced is a bit of a stretch and you are comparing it to Tekken? What a joke! :rofl::rofl: Fighting games in general are probably as balance as you can get. Even the Devs in Lost Ark said it will always be unbalanced because that’s just the nature of the genre. I don’t think the game ever revovled around PvP, this is a PvE game with a PvP feature.

So which classes are these PvP gods then? Kappa

Most classes are great in the right hands minus the obvious pve driven ones / D tier pvp doodoo

Seriously people will even complain of pvp balance in this game? I assume you come from New World where that trend skyrocketted.

You can literally do good with any class. If you don’t think so, maybe you should spend a little more time watching guides.

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Exactly this where most mmos are dumpstered from fun removal and overnerfs driving metas into spongebaths and people quitting. Game is not even 2 weeks old NA and the same people complaining in arena still have no idea what spacebar or tripods do. They’re the grade 15s you see getting 1v3d by a cracked striker, wardancer, sorc, or deathblade. Artillerist too I guess lmao.

Sure some classes are blatantly stronger than others, but if you are getting 100-0d without 1 counter play you are bad at the game.

-8 day old player lvl 29 main

Your response proved to me that it is indeed a YOU problem, not the games problem.

Yea yea sure sure. Even the Dev’s themsevles acknowledged that it is a problem. Who are you to say otherwise, are you proving that the creators themselves of this game are wrong? Over zealous white knights always astound me with thier belief that whatever/whoever they are worshipping is flawed. You are one of the people who will probably jump off a cliff because thier cult leader said so. :sweat_smile:

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Nice strawman there bro.

I haven’t said anything that would lead you to believe the things you’ve just asserted about me.

In the grand scheme of PvP in mmo’s, this game is already more balanced than the rest. Obviously it isn’t perfect as the game isn’t designed around PvP (hence why the devs said what they said).

This doesn’t detract from the examples of PvP balancing in this game. E.g PvP versions of skills & gear equalised arena to name a couple.