The solution is simple

Dear Amazon,

Please let this game thrive. The solution is truly simple.

1: Make purchases account-bound.
Even if this means I can buy a skin, and apply it to two characters. Who cares. I feel like the majority of people are going to mostly be playing on one character anyways, and if they do choose to play on multiple characters, the chance of them playing on the same class is even lower. Let alone wanting to use the same skin on every character.

2: Enable character server transfers. For free. Forever.
Our characters are time investments. Let us choose which servers we want to play them on. Our current friends can play with us, and more importantly, our future friends can come and join us. Sometimes, it’s nicer to play on lower population servers, and sometimes, I want to wait in queue to play on a bigger server. Let us play with our time investments the way we want to.

Lost Ark has so many built in quality of life features that makes it stand out.
Please don’t end that trend with your management.

All thoughts are my own opinion. Have a different opinion, write your own thread.

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