The strongest feedback you can give is to just take a break and don't log in until they improve

I stopped logging in daily a few weeks ago after racking up almost 700 hours total in the game and it’s been honestly great. Yeah I’m missing some login rewards and stuff but I’ve really been enjoying playing other games and not having this particular game take up a lot of my time. The game will still be there when and if I return to it.

If they manage to make real and significant changes to fight the bot/rmt problem and address other issues, they could easily turn things around and I’ll come right on back. If you’re mad enough to be coming here to this forum, then you should consider just taking a few days in a row, or maybe a few weeks. They track the stats, they can see that older accounts are not logging in and it will pressure them to take more action. Or it won’t, and you’ll have more free time to enjoy other things! It’s a win-win for all of us!


I just wanna get my daily log reward and then sit here watching the shxt show~

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How would they know we didnt login tho? They clearly cant tell the diff between bots and players


Anyone who want to calm down this forum could potentially be either an rmter or a botter.

If you stop logging you give more space for bots.

This next ban bot wave won’t do anything to bots but will annoy some legit innocent players till they take back their accs.

Se need AGS / SG to understand we want them to get rid of the rmters the instant they do their sketchy transactions.

No. Shsgshfagaj will just take my spot

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For some reason i was excited to get those LED glasses until i got those LED glasses.

I logged in for the last time yesterday to collect all my unsold auctions and take a couple of screenshots.

After many weeks of daily login queues that only increased i know NA west is doomed even if they do fix it, the damage has been done the player base, the dedicated 1k+ hours players are leaving in droves and this will create a ripple effect onto everything else… Longer in game queues, less support so more failed attempts, reduced item sales on auction house, slower progression discouraging people when they see bots everywhere and the players they finally do see are all RMT.

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This is some paranoia here. The gaming world, especially MMOs have a lot of adults that understand how to control their emotions, even if they are upset at a situation.

I’m not happy with the queues, but also understand that dealing with bots is a far more complex problem than “omg #permabanRMT”.

In fact, it’s not that complex, you just have to pay humans to deal with it, they don’t want, they are still searching for other ways to block them, they can search, only (ingame) GMs I think, could do something but let’s let them search.

sry to break it to u bro~but not only NAW is doomed, the entire game is doomed too if ASG doesnt figure out any effective ways to deal with bots situaution soon enough~

Dealing with identifying bots and banning them is complicated.

Dealing with identifying and banning rmters is not.

Instant ban for rmt = no more bots

Queues started a huge time ago

Other region servers are getting busy

I don’t know what emotions have to do in this? I have to ignore AGS/ SG not being proactive and wasting resources and time in a solution that none other mmo could find to identify and ban bots?

Or can i keep pressuring for banning rmters and kill the business from the source so we get rid of queues and decisions that impact legitimate players?

An automated system can identify rmt on the auction house as it’s really simple by the game structure that lost ark has with AH logs.

It’s way more complex than you think. As a business, do they want to get rid of 50-100k players? I guarantee you that these conversations are being had.

Most likely they will end up somewhere in the middle, banning bots and some RMT.

In the end you will never completely rid yourself of RMT, no MMO in 25 years has been able to do it.

Yeah for some reason they are so hesitant to stem the root cause . Logically , It is a 2in1 solution as well.

Nothing can stop bots tbh , until it’s no longer profitable

Wont be making 1500 hours XD and with these “ban waves” that don’t target RMTers def wont be coming back.

That’s why a praise so much the auction house structure and all the transactions they register here.

They have so much data to get rid of rmters is insanely well done.

They only need to have the guts to be the first ones rmt free and make history

Clients loyalty is what you need in a business nowadays not empty numbers

What is wrong to kill a game which would be plagued with let’s imagine, 60% of stupid illegal RMT players ? They would teach a lesson for any future game they would manage or make.
Letting stupid fuckers flex and spit on their face is not a good idea I think, it’s my POV.

Pretending AGS cares if u log in or not. 80%+ of players are bot, so their playernumbers dont drop much if f2p and low spenders stop playing.

Whales and big RMTs wont stop playing either way, for obv reasons.

So who cares if people leave if your main income (whales) are still there and player numbers are still over 500k?

Its a shit situation long term, because u dont get new players into the game this way. But short term its still the way making them top $$$.

This whole sitaution is so scuffed…

You know what? I think they’re smart enough to filter the data to know when a non-bot stops logging in based on account creation date and other habits. If they’re just gonna milk it until it dies completely that blows but also screw 'em people are better off playing something else if that’s the case.

I miss the combat and some of the events but there’s SO many other games out there that are great and enjoyable so that’s why I made the post. Once people get over the hurdle of a few days of not doing their chores in game (because let’s be real, it’s designed to form habits) then they’ll feel fine.

I doubt they’d understand that kind of feedback given how bots dellute the data on online players.

Less players logged in means more bots the CEO of Smilegate can taunt to his shareholders.

God if I could speak Korean I’d be over there blasting their largest shareholders that the head of their company used bot numbers to help promote the success (really failure) of this game in the West.

Like New World its an absolute dumpster fire.