The "Summer Event" Is very disappointing

The Summer event is not really that fun you have to go to 3 different places and sit there for 3mins the other ones are alright. The Rewards are nice so i’m happy. It sucks we have no summer skins for a “Summer Event” I am not sure why they have not included summer skins as a top priority over the other skins

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Yeah 10min doing nothing, really nice event…
And the boss doing insane damage… I’m 1465, so every t1 and t2 are one shot every 2 seconds, dont know if it’s fun for them…
So no one is doing it, and then the boss take much longer to kill…


Yup, the event is by far the worst one we have till now.


I thought the chicken event was bad, but my god this is way worse.


is this event made so that people would use all there phoenix plumes? as no other reason is there to have such big damage.

Smilegate in 2019 was a shitshow.
This event’s from back in 2019.

So yeah, highly likely that’s the case.

I dont get it why we get always the baddest parts from korea… Are they so stupid that they dont understand that its a bad idea to give us the oldest shit from kr who was already bad there

Summer event is once a year so give us the good stuff its not like that we can catch up summer lol


There is a portal near the start when you respawn due to death by boss. Don’t have to run that far. Not that the boss gives that many event coins to begin with.

We’ve seen a ton of feedback around this, so we’ll be knocking down the time required from 3 minutes to 30 seconds to speed things up a bit!!


@roxx while you are at it, increase the nr of coins by at least 1.5x and reduce cost of items by 1.5x cause no one wants to do this “event”…

Thank you. While this is the main issue with this event, it doesn’t help that the overpowered boss provides next to no rewards and many players have difficulty killing it due to lack of participants. Could you please pass along this information?

Why not just do the dailies on multiple characters instead?

hah also, clever to give us pots and at the same time take em away with a stupid me do 1 dmg to boss, boss 1 shots me tactics

This is great, when is this planning to be implemented? mid-june?


u dont have to be an asshat

no no, the asshole got a point, the lack of urgency is very real.

don’t make a joke about something that is being joked about all over the place otherwise that makes you an asshat… noted.