The "Survive" stages really need a rethink

This is just mho, but you should really rethink the whole “survive” stages in both the Cube and Towers. I’m not saying this because I have problems with them. They don’t kill me or anything…but they are absolutely not in any way fun. I’m pretty sure there is no player in the entire game that would tell you, honestly, that they are fun.

Now, games sometimes have ‘unfun’ elements for other reasons, but in this case…there’s really no good reason to have an entire stage in these game modes exist purely for the sake of annoying players. The only argument one could have in favor of them is “they exist to challenge the players”…but challenges can be made that are ALSO fun. That’s game design 101 there.

My advice, rethink them. Even if you want to keep something with a similiar style of “survive” …design them to actually be enjoyable at least. I mostly just skip the tower on my alts despite it being a halfway decent source of honing materials when still advancing them simply because the frequency of survive stages makes it a slog rather than fun gameplay.


Survive rooms are the only fun parts in a whole cube.
Normal/elite rooms are just boring.
Boss rounds are oneshots.
Gold bonus rooms are fine, extremely rare tho.


What exactly about them do you find ‘fun’? I mean, they basically boil down to watching a clock count down while running around doing absolutely nothing.

It’s the proverbial “watching paint dry”, imo. With the only twist being that the paint is on the ceiling, so you have to make sure to dodge the drips.

Some of the survival rounds in the second tower are terrible rng and stress. If someone find fun ok, but for majority it’s a terrible experience. You don’t need skill, the patterns are random in some floors.

No survival in cube or tower is rng. You just haven’t figured them out lol.


Edit: for some reason your post came through but @koynov’s wasn’t showing, so I thought you were replying to my OP. Edited this because Koynov’s then did show up.
(And I agree, they aren’t RNG. It’s just pattern recognition, which is a large part of why I find them unfun. They are not difficult if you are good at pattern recognition, they are merely time wasters).

In cube they have patterns, most in the tower too, but i remember one floor, i think was floor 9 of the second tower. Even if there are pattern it looks every time rng when i play it with my alts.

They are fun because nothing else can kill you in cube.

I do cubes in my GvG set and the survive stage barely tickles me. HA, Fortitude and 800 Endurance.

Neither can they unless you play half-afk or are just really bad at pattern recognition.

I think the whole cube need a rework. It’s a super boring content with brainless gameplay and ok/low rewards.

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That’s a valid point. I posted this more in regards to the tower then the cube. The tower is good for leveling alts to supplement honing materials, in terms of rewards. But dam, all those survival stages in it are a drag.

I posted this after running it for T2 mats with an alt today, basically. I only mentioned the cube because it also has survival stages and I wanted to be inclusive.

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Probably it would be fun if played with char ar cube ilvl. But everything in this game is fixed, nothing scales. Koreans probably never heard of scalability.

If the rewards scale in the same way, that could be a step in the right direction.

cube takes too long, let me use 10 tix…

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hard agree. “survival” is literally the most annoying thing I have ever encountered in a game, and I come from playing BDO and lots of God of War so I know RNG and I know annoying puzzles. Cube in general is just boring content.

I just send cube dispatch from stronghold because cube drop is random unlike boss rush not worth the time

Stronghold dispatch your cubes and your LOA experience will be all the much better for it.

He is trolling you, if I were to make a guess.

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Do they count for the guild/weekly tasks? :slight_smile:

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