The time is just right

to boycott spending anything in this game, seeing how they give out free stuff only at certain times of the day means that they just scamming those that supporting the game… such a rip of a game, im actually tired of trying to enjoy the game, the constant disconnects from the game after every maintenance is just baffling, they think they take 5 steps forward except their original base game takes 10 steps backwards every patch

blue crystals are outrageous and they pass out the most expensive currency in game to certain people online on certain times, is literally the most mind blowing thing about this game… i think this is just a long scam

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Yeah I’m done spending money on the game. I had full 24 char slot extensions and didn’t get anything cuz I had work on Monday so I went to sleep earlier than degen hours.

They somehow made a bad situation even worse with each step. It’s such a simple solution: give people the same opportunity to get pheons; i.e. just restore the original mail.

screw not just giving them money time is right to leave bad review and quit and uninstall

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