The timer in the chaos dungeons

Ok so, I went into a chaos dungeon (1370, coincidentally full of bots, but this wasn’t the case), and 1 person just moved to the bottom area and stayed afk while the rest of us did everything, the “Warn” button or It doesn’t even work and it doesn’t allow him to be kicked from the group either.
We waited 4min in the blocked area until the other person disconnected, time ran out because we couldn’t move forward either 'cause he didn’t accept the request (3/4) and we lost the resonance aura, rest rewards and all the loot, wtf?

Why aren’t you doing them alone which is faster?

Full of bots in 4 people instance?

So 3 bots, 2 voted yes and one was afk?
2 bots yes and 1 afk player?

Damn i never thought that bots may be better teammates than noobs.

Timer is to don’t make unlimited reserved low population instances on servers, that could potentially be problematic

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I do them alone with my other alts, but it happened to me while doing the dungeon with my bard, it’s much easier to do in group than just the bard, unless I dps build him especially for that, which wouldn’t be either very profitable :confused:

And no, we were 3 players and 1 afk, the 3 of us lost the loot

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you only have to change tripods around, what are you on about?

Bard has one of the best solo chaos dungeon experiences. Make a chaos skill build. The only problem is if you get a red portal, which can take quite some time unless you have a single target build but that’ll cost you for an extra skill page. Having a gear set with true courage is a nice QoL but not a necessity.

I once entered a chaos dungeon, killed everything on the second gate, got into a boss fight from purple gate. Beat the boss with 2 minutes left on the clock but didn’t get the loot yet, game crashed. I tried to log back inside, took like a minute, my character was still there in front of the gate and the time ran out, didn’t get the loot from the last gate. Also, my character is a paladin.

In order to kick someone 3 ppl have to warn the one being kicked and then u gotta vote kick after warning …

But ye i recommend doing chaos solo even if u prefer group

Even though it doesn’t mean it is okay that people can loose loot like that. They need to change the system

Just fill 2nd skill set for dps and u gucci I also have bard and paladin alt there is really no problem to do it with support’s stats engv …

my bard was doing fine on chaos dungeon with 3 heavy armor 3 drops of ether 3 preemptive strike and 1 desperate and expert of course its slow but does the job

Yep, but the “Warn” button doesn’t work, says the target is in an invalid area

Never had that but ye :confused:

Current system is def flawed. After losing my loot to a similar scenario a month after launch, I just never did chaos with groups anymore and it’s honestly feeling better to clear it solo. Though I do see why people would want to interact with other players, it is supposed to be an MMO after all.

This is why you don’t run chaos dungeons in a group you don’t know.

I understand some people prefer to run in a group, that’s fine but suboptimal. Doing it with randoms creates an opportunity for griefing.