The true issue with Lost Ark that no one is talking about

Well friends, another post about quitting.

After 1600 hrs as a free to play player, I cannot stand this Lost Ark feature anymore. It is clear that it wont be fixed and I realize it is time to move on to new games with better code such as WoW Classic or Diablo Immortal.

The issue?

Every single day I login… every single time I swap characters… I get the red dot over “Roster” indicating I have a new title. Additionally, the red dot indicating a new trade merchant in my estate appears.

I have to manually click Roster > Title and Stronghold > Merchant to get this red dot to go away - only for it to reappear when I swap to my alt.

This issue has been around since headstart and there as been ZERO indication of it being fixed.

I have 9 alts that I swap to 4 times a day. That is 36 additional clicks a day, 252 times a week, 13104 times a year. Lets say it takes 5 seconds to clear both red dots… that’s 18.2 hours every year I am expected to clear red dots from my screen.

This feature has completely ruined my immersion in Lost Ark. The Strong hold merchant dot is meant to be an exciting moment for a new visitor, however I get prompted 36 times a day for the SAME MERCHANT. I spend hours working towards a new title but the experience of unlocking this impressive feat is RUINED by being notified OVER AND OVER again about the Crystal Benefactor Title THAT I ALREADY HAVE.

I do not understand how this MASSIVE issue can be plaguing Lost Ark for so long without any mention from CMs, AGS, or SG about a fix. How hard is it to fix this issue?

This is targeted predatory game systems that need to GO. I do not need to be bombarded with a Crystalline Aura title trying to get me to pay to win.

I use to love this game, but after 1600 hours of chasing this red dot off my screen I can not take it anymore.

Goodbye friends, good luck. I will NOT BE BACK.



Bye dude,

I think you should have just said to anybody to never activate the aura in the first place, if they don’t like to have a red dot showing in their UI, but it’s fine.

I hope you will enjoy your other games like you enjoyed Lost Ark.


EDIT : The title dot disappears if you activate the said title. Btw, enjoy your future games. I think it’s fine to see a red dot for the stronghold but it’s my own POV.


Thank you however I do not want to be forced to use the Crystal Aura title. If that is the only way to fix it they may as well just remove all the other titles.

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No no I mean, you are not forced to, just activate it once, change it to another title and the red dot will disappear from it =)
I agree that it would be better to just clear the red dot once you open the title window without activating the title but maybe they could fix this.

This does not fix the issue. The red dot will reappear next time you swap alts or login in. I have tried.

Ah yes, you are right, we need to open the window to make the red dot disappear then xD it’s silly, good find !

Lol thanks for the laugh

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Definitely a big issue. A big one i would said is that Lost Ark does not offer jetpack to player during Valtan imo is insane.

surely this is satire. Sure, it’s annoying and should be fixed, but it’s also easily ignored.


Hey, didn’t you read the RU/KR veterans around ? If you fall, it’s none of their business, “git gud” as they say xD
Now imagine you could pay $100 to not fall on the 2nd Valtan gate, I’m quite sure many people would pay xD it’s a great business idea.

You mean Diablo III with 2000s graphics & microtransactions they pushed because they reworked the AH being P2W in Diablo III nobody liked ?
There are red dots everywhere in the game too ?

You lost credibility when you said Diablo Immortal


It’s funny to see how people don’t see the sarcasm in this post!

This is just a post showing how people would complain about silly stuff not the bigger issues. Good chuckle!


S Quality shitposting

the notification is fairly annoying, would be nice if it weren’t constantly reminding me i have a new title when i don’t.

Serious? Welp have fun with Diablo immortal lmao xD

There are larger issue at play like bots, lack of server transfer and your more concerned about this small QOL issue and quitting over it?

Goodbye bro, see you tomorrow in deskaluda