The TRUE time spent on daily stuff (mind boggling)

Prepare yourselves to face the harsh reality of your time spent in this game only to do daily content because it surely made me realize that this game is preying on you big time as you will see how bad things can be and why things NEED TO CHANGE if we would like this game to flourish in the west.

Since there are a multitude of players with different ways of playing the game and doing their dailies I will account for 4 scenarios and list the loading times and methodology if you want to calculate your own rosters time spent.

For testing purposes we will assume every category does X2 party find groups (big loading time differences) and do only lopangs for unas.

We will do 4 cases of players:

  1. Hardcore → plays 6 characters daily , chaos dungeons daily , guardian raids daily , unas daily.
    Total: 126 unas , 84 chaos dungeons , 84 guardian raids

  2. Rested dood → has 6 characters , has full rest bonus on start of week and does Unas+CD+GR every 3 days meaning Monday , Thursday , Sunday.
    Total: 54 unas , 36 chaos dungeons , 36 guardian raids

  3. Casual → has 4 characters (perfectly doable) , does main character daily and alts every 3 days (Unas , CD , GR)
    Total: 48 unas (21 main + 27 alts) , 32 chaos dungeons (14 main + 18 alts) , 32 guardian raids (14 main + 18 alts)

  4. 2 Character Player → as the name suggests he plays 2 characters and does both everyday (Unas , CD , GR)
    Total: 42 unas , 28 chaos dungeons , 28 guardian raids

Here are the results for time spent doing these activities for the entire week:

  1. Hardcore player spent 5201 seconds in loading screen alone which accounts for 86.68 minutes or 1.44 hours.
    CD + GR runs equal to 34272 seconds of average timed runs which accounts for 571.2 minutes or 9.52 hours.

  2. Rested dood spent 2229 seconds in loading screen alone which accounts for 37.15 minutes or 0.61 hours.
    CD + GR runs equal to 14688 seconds of average timed runs which accounts for 244.8 minutes or 4.08 hours.

  3. Casual spent 2029 seconds in loading screen alone which accounts for 33.81 minutes or 0.56 hours.
    CD + GR runs equal to 13056 seconds of average timed runs which accounts for 217.6 minutes or 3.62 hours.

  4. 2 Character Player spent 1785 seconds in loading screen alone which accounts for 29.75 minutes or 0.49 hours.
    CD + GR runs equal to 11424 seconds of average timed runs which accounts for 190.4 minutes or 3.17 hours.

Loading time calculations were done following this script:
Log in main/change character (41 seconds accounting asset loading/ 30 seconds accounting asset loading) → CD first load (8 sec) → CD re-entry (6 sec) → Exit (8 sec) → GR first load (12 sec) → GR re-entry (10 sec) → Exit (8 sec) → Lopang island bifrost (6 sec) → Time spent taking lopang objectives (16 sec) → Bifrost load to Shushire (6 sec) → Bifrost load to Arthetine (6 sec) → Bifrost load to Vern (6 sec)

Total 133 seconds if it’s first time load on main and 122 seconds if it’s change character.

Average chaos dungeon run takes 178 seconds from start to finish.
Average guardian raid run takes 230 seconds from start to finish.

You multiply the number of chaos dungeons or guardian raids you do with the average time.

Time measurements (these were all done on a Ryzen 5 3600 + M.2 970 Evo and a 300Mbps internet):
-First load is 28-30 seconds + 10-15 seconds asset + NPCs to load
-Changing character load is 25-28 seconds + 2-5 seconds asset + NPCs to load
-Chaos dungeon first load takes 8 seconds
-Chaos dungeon re-entry takes 6 seconds
-Exit CD takes 8 seconds
-Guardian raid first load takes 10-18 seconds (depends on party members computers) with a average of 12 seconds
-Guardian raid re-entry takes 10 seconds
-Exit GR takes 8 seconds
-Bifrost to Lopang island takes 6 seconds
-Taking the objectives takes 14-22 seconds (depends on character mobility) with an average of 18 seconds
-Bifrosting to each objective takes 18 seconds (3x6)

All of these are made in a perfect scenario where you never die in CD or you have a competent GR party.

Take into account all those small errors which do happen with these sample sizes and you will find your time spent doing these even worse and all of this is without doing Abyssal dungeons , Argos , Legion raids which all bring their set of issues , most commonly known Jail Runs where people are underperforming making a 15-40 minute experience take up hours or doing event activities such as Adventure Islands , Timed Events , Chaos Legion Gates , Field Bosses (all of these take precious time).

So what would be the solution to the time management issue? Have the option of running daily content (more precisely CD and GR) with an X2 option to lessen the time spent on these chores which eventually burn out players (I myself am a victim of this as for the past few months I’ve been playing 6 characters consistently doing everything everyday which left me burned out to the point of not touching the game).

Having an X2 option would greatly enhance player retention , especially the casual playerbase which are the people with tight schedules or families to attend to and the fact that they are the majority of our players not the sweaty hardcore ones , with the only added downside you could say are the people that already spend countless hours doing xyz characters would further pull ahead but this is already happening as we speak + the limited number of characters and 6 characters limit for legions raids already does it’s job in stopping someone from having too many income streams.

The main attraction of the game are the legion raids and putting your playerbase through abysmal chores nobody would like to do is throwing fuel on a fire.

AGS and SG you guys need to realize that the western playerbase has a vastly different mindset towards these things compared to our KR brothers and sisters.

Sorry for the extremely long post but I hope you guys can tank through reading this and think about it if you can see yourself doing this day in and day out for years to come. This is an MMO we are talking about where most of us expect to sink in years of our gaming time to our chosen MMO.


For a guy that was used to wait minutes and minutes even loading a game while growing up in the 80’s I’m perfectly fine with this.

Honestly I lose 1/3 of my life sleeping, and the 2/3 awake still worth it.

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i dont see the amount of time i spend playing on daily stuff that crzy , its about the same as any other MMO i have placed in my life that has an actual grind to it.

Maybe this generation just lazy is how i see it :person_shrugging:


Far from it , I have over 2000 hours and would absolutely consider myself in the hardcore category but this amount of grind takes a hard toll on anybody.

I know what grind entails as a Warframe veteran with over 3000 hours and had several weekends where I would farm Kuva for up to 16 hours with only piss breaks or Metin2 where I would farm with 12 characters a day for 3-4 hours. Grind is running through my veins but this is absolutely stupid , especially for a person that has lots of alts to play with.

The generation is far from lazy . it’s just that having to do 2 separate runs for the same value is dumb and could be shortened to an OPTION to do 1 run instead of 2 and save time TO DO the REAL CONTENT.

I doubt you would be fine washing your clothes 2 times a day when you could wash them once and be done or washing your dishes 2 times a day instead of 1 when it achieves the same result.


Dude, play while you have fun. Do only what makes you enjoy the game. Avoid things you see as a work/time lost.

You dont enjoy chaos runs? Do one. Or do zero.
Same with everything. Games are for having fun.

People need to realize they should stop playing something if they dont enjoy farming. OR take a break, take it more casualy, whatever.


This is simply a blanket statement , if you want to progress in this game doing CD and GR is UNAVOIDABLE you could very simply cut times in half with a simple X2 option and make shitty activities less shitty.

I already take it casually and truth be told I don’t even want to log in anymore.


You are missing the Never Touches Grass category

I have many clown ready chars and i barely do my dailies. Dont do lopang, still have 30mil silver. Have over 50k gold at all times, usually more. Hone and upgrade gems almost every day. The problem is you’re doing grind instead of investing in assets. Can only blame yourself for hard road.

When the update was delayed almost all day i needed to rush and it took me around 3h to do Unas, Rapport, Chaos Dungeon and Guardian Raid in 6 characters and i didn’t even look into what i got from it, i just completed and switch characters, no time to look into it

So yeah, 3h to do only daily stuff will get me burnout very soon, usually it take around 4h if i don’t rush it. To tell the true i’m already felling burnout on doing it, maybe it’s because i’m playing with 5 bards, i think is too much bard but they won’t released Artist this year, so i don’t have other options on class i liked.

After kakul release i am considering only do Chaos Dungeon and Guardian Raid on only 2 character per day only with rested bonus, even my main will be only with rest bonus, Una’s Task i will still do all day, it don’t take much of time.

I’m in favor of changing to be more fast, changing to only 1 Chaos Dungeon and 1 Guardian Raid with 2x reward than before, or instant claim on alts after doing it on one characters, anything to be more fast and still be efficient (Rested bonus you lose around 33.33% of mats).

I wouldnt bother man, you will get responses of people calling you lazy or whatever cuz you arent willing to spend several hours a day to do the boring stuff, the same people that will realice a year from now that there are barely any players left and those are the hardcore ones that put too much time in the game like to quit. From what i’ve seen from amazon in this 5-6 months or so i would say there is 0 hope they make something as simple as making all rested bonus to be spended in a single run, they are just gonna let the game die.


With risk of being labelled an AGS shill, it is 100% Smilegate resisting efficiency QoL changes in the game.

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You may be right, they are both part of it i guess.

just don’t play the game

I moved onto another mmo. Takes too much of my time. This game will boil down to a niche game of players that have enough time for the game. Let’s just leave it at that.


Great take my guy , definitely contributed to the discussion! Keep up the good work.


anything to help! :slightly_smiling_face:

I already do it , I am the player that does everything everyday on 6 chars and the fact that you waste so much time over nontrivial content is mind numbing. This will be the main reason I quit LA because as you can see even if you do less of it you are still doing a lot of these chores because it’s a MUST to progress but then again LA would be a barren wasteland if not for the daily chores they are making us to do.

There was a KR survey I believe in which KR players said that they feel it’s more rewarding to do 2 separate runs instead of 1 which is a hard no in western culture.

As you said , only hardcore players will remain and they will also realize that there is no point in playing a game with a dead casual scene. No casuals = no game.

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play rested

That doesn’t sound right at all.

Log in main/change character (41 seconds accounting asset loading/ 30 seconds accounting asset loading) → CD first load (8 sec) → CD re-entry (6 sec) → Exit (8 sec) → GR first load (12 sec) → GR re-entry (10 sec) → Exit (8 sec) → Lopang island bifrost (6 sec) → Time spent taking lopang objectives (18 sec) → Bifrost load to Shushire (6 sec) → Bifrost load to Arthetine (6 sec) → Bifrost load to Vern (6 sec)

Total 133 seconds if it’s first time load on main and 122 seconds if it’s change character.

133x7 (because you log in 7 time a week on main character which takes more time to load)
122x5x7 (because you have 5 alts on which you will swap to and you do it 7 times a week)

931 seconds from main char + 621x7 (4270) adds up to 5201 seconds a week.

Actually I did do a mistake by 2 seconds and it should be 135 and 124 respectively but that can be made irrelevant with a high mobility alt for unas as the travel time between objectives is highly dependent on the type of character you play (14-22 seconds so highly varied).

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