The Trusted Status sytem

Has this system been updated recently? My friend has been waiting over a month to become trusted in game even after making a purchase and activating steam guard mobile. He is trusted on steam but the in game system has yet to reflect that. I see this being really bad for new players if it’s always going to take this long.

Current players will not be impacted from this.

As for new players, I personally believe they don’t exist in significant large numbers as it’s all pretty much bots. However, new players can look up how to resolve this or directly contact steam support themselves to assist.

Better for this inconvenience to exist for new players than no measures fighting against bots imo.

Steam and AGS support can do nothing, they both tell you to talk to the other one about it.

If this stays the case then we def wont have new players moving forward if they can’t interact with the main way to obtain materials and gear.

I think the system is a great system but they need to actually have it work the way its intended. No one should have to wait over a month for trusted status in game. Like I mentioned the account is trusted in steam, can do all the trusted things. It’s just Lost Ark that isn’t reflecting it.