The Unfair Reality of P2W Mechanics in Lost Ark

Beneath the surface of this beloved game lies a sinister reality:


They exist so everyone has to pay to play. You can’t realistically gear your characters at higher levels without spending pheons, and once the free ones run out, they need to be purchased with blue crystals. Those blue crystals exist because someone paid IRL cash for royal crystals and traded them for gold. So even though you might not be spending your own cash, you’re spending someone’s cash to progress.

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Blue crystals aka IRL cash.


You can’t even repair in raids without Aura which costs BC.


BC again. If hell modes are supposed to be challenge modes to test skill, then people shouldn’t be able to swipe for consumables and thus have an easier time doing it than others. Proving grounds doesn’t let them swipe, so why do this with raids?


It’s 100% pay2win, skill doesn’t matter at all. Should have just saved the development effort on GvG and had a weekly island auction for cash instead.

It’s time for the gaming community to take a stand against these unjust practices. We deserve a fair and equal playing field, where success is determined by skill and strategy, not by the size of one’s wallet. It’s time to demand change and put an end to the exploitation of dedicated players. It’s time to shed light on the dark side of gaming and take a stand against pay2win mechanics in Lost Ark.


I dont mind Pheon. If they remove the pheon cost from stones I’m totally ok with it.
This is a free game anyway, they need money somehow.

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It is a F2P model. Needed something to put inplace to make money to keep the server running and in a good state.

Can be bought with gold. Up to you.

Can be bought with gold. Up to you.

Just participate for the rewards.


The only real thing is GvG but that’s dead as hell so it doesn’t really matter.

You can pay for progression and Ilvl, but that’s not exactly winning if a game that’s focus heavily on doing mechanics and not just straight dps.

The phenon thing has been remedies a bit with the recent changes thankfully.

Typical Pay for Progression “Free to Play” game.

The whole point is to create frustration and artificial barriers while trying to keep you online as long as possible (repeated daily content) to try and get you to open the Shop and spend money.

The game is not about player satisfaction, sadly no games are anymore. It’s about pissing you off until you spend money or quit.

Every problem that exists in game is a developer intended problem. Every one of these problems could be removed in a single patch, but removing these problems also removes profit and spending incentive.

GVG would be less dead if it wasn’t so ungodly imbalanced. You need whalewars to even make it somewhat balanced and fun and any server who has a large whale guild dominates.


Thanks Captain obvious. But since SG not gona Change it anyways. And we got now the atleast Relic Pheon Cost Reduce. Pheons is a part from the Game and. In Long Term u just need to use XXX Amount Pheons for 1 Char.

For Exampel My 6 Roster 5x3 are all done since Oktober having atm 460 Pheons. Waiting for AYAYA. What i mean is long term Pheons are not needed if u play aktive and have a Goal each Char.

What do u mean? BC can be bought with Gold too whatever price is atm.

Well if u want EL Cheapo then do it. I dont mind buy Aura.

Well if this would be taken out and just only raid itself what does it feels like?
Some Progress to get something and use Consumbaled is needed.
This is calling Raiding. If u dont wana use Consumabled go buy a Buss.
If u wana test skills. Test Trixion.

Creates demand for Blue Crystals that is driven by players

Do content, get gold.

Do content, get gold, get BC.

dont be cheapo

entirely optional content.


GVG is also dead because of pretty bad class imbalances. This pvp in this game was designed as a complete afterthought.

Oh yeah 100%

Class imbalance is terrible
PVP in general is pretty terrible, it’s just stunlock and ability spam.

I’d say if GVG used book of coordination it would at least bring more guilds into trying it out.

Any BC mechanic isn’t P2W in the strict sense of the world. You can realistically farm gold and get occasional freebies through regular gameplay for any of the things you mentioned. How “easy” it is for F2Ps to meet BC requirements depends on the regional economy though - i.e. NA/EU players cover their aura with a handful of raids, SA players have to grind way harder for the same thing.

BC are completely a P2W mechanic

Because zero BC would exist for you to buy with gold if someone first didn’t spend money to sell them to you. Yes, you can interact with BCs with gold, but somewhere along the chain real money had to be exchanged in order for that to happen

You cannot farm BC’s in game in any way, they are a real money currency masked behind levels of fake currency to distract from that.


Everyone’s account is paid for by someone, and it’s actually quite expensive.

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Pheons are fine but need to be removed from Stones because they can’t be flipped anyways, which was the purpose of Pheons in the first place as mentioned by the lead developer in KR.

I would like to see Pheons removed from Amulets as well but that is unlikely. They used to not be consumed and can be resold. However, they are instantly used these days upon transfer

Yea but what are mechanics when your wep is 25 and skip mechs for your entire raid party. Game is p2w


So you wither pay with your wallet or pay with your time. Which is more valuable?

my question to you is why does it need to be fair?

Hell mode is competitive PVE

PVP is equalized.

Only gvg can be criticized.

Why does progression need to be an equal playing field? I don’t understand why ppl fomo over gear ilvls and gems, etc. pure insecurity

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Read past the title. You can’t progress in this game unless you or someone else pay real money for your progress.

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that’s not pay to win lmao that just means irl money is part of the game

pay to win = /= real money based system

pay to win == when you’re forced to spend money in a competitive setting which LA doesn’t have outside of gvg

pay to progress arguments are the stupidest arguments I’ve ever seen as well. All these no job basement dwellers want an advantage spending 80hs a week on this game and are malding that someone working irl can spend 2hs to make up their 80hs of progress


I will drop a lol here.


if there’s real money in a game that doesn’t mean pay to win your brain has actual problems

pay to win has 3 words

pay is just one word

pay to win implies paying to result in some occurence

just having pay in a game isn’t any result go back to ur basement noob hahalulxd

by your brainlet definition every game where you can spend real money in it is pay to win. Sheesh isn’t that every single game on the market right now? Every game is pay to win! Even RPGs have optional content on steam that you spend money on wow!