The unwanted what are you going to do now?

Are artist mains going to RU ?
Are summoner mains straight up quitting ?
What about you scouters and reapers and you waiting for August for a new shot ?

PS : Congratz to Arcana mains winning the roll. I will be making an alt to try the RNG mage. See you in Arkasia

Im a scouter main im out F Arcana. (Tired of waiting for a peice of information.) Wheres the class for June, now their release 1 every 2 months. :triumph:

The entire forum and reddit complain about slow class release schedule, so they slow it down even more :ok_hand:

We ought to tell em to slow it down even more. Reverse psychology.

They’re spacing them out to get people to join/return… I wonder why they think those people left in the first place.